Insurance and risk management


  • Identify hazards and associated risks
  • Examine risk management techniques - either to prevent losses from happening or, if unavoidable, to reduce the frequency or severity
  • Select and implement techniques such as exposure avoidance, monitoring, and improving the program as needed
  • Protect both the participant and the organizer

Waivers and Contracts

Property Exposures

  • Rental of equipment, games, tents, etc. - Renter generally transfers the loss/damage to the organizer/student associations
  • Use of tents, BBQs
  • Cash receipt

Liability Exposures

  • Events including alcohol
  • Type of event may increase personal and public safety risk, on campus/off campus
  • Travel (besides walking and metro)
  • Contractual
  • Waivers required

Prevention and Mitigation

On-Campus Approval Form that enables Security/Fire Prevention/Building Service/Risk Management, etc. to evaluate the risk and make recommendations for improvements:

  • Security on site
  • Approval of events, recommend additional safety precautions
  • Code conformity for fire prevention, occupancy
  • Adherence to the Universitys Alcohol Serving Policy
  • Insurance requirements from service provider
  • Universitys Insurance requirements for events with alcohol
  • Universitys Insurance requirements found in Student Association Agreements
  • RIAL/McGill as an additional insured

Insurance Contact

  • Annual Policy to conform to Memorandum of Agreement
  • Individual Event Coverage
  • Insurance Broker by appointment:
    BFL Canada Inc.
    2001 McGill College, Suite 2200
    Attention: Emanuel Martorana, 514-905-4387