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Fees and Finances

Fees – How They Are Assessed and What They Pay For

Student Fees have four components:

  • Tuition
  • Administrative Charges

    Ententes are one mechanism that be used to obtain approval of student groups for increases to administrative fees. MELS does limit increases to a maximum where ententes cannot be reached.

  • Departmental or fees attached to courses

    Societies may be involved with fee ententes that affect members of their society, as MELS requires the society to sign off on the approval of the fee as an accredited association.

  • Society Fees
  • Student Services/Athletics

Society Fees

Society fees may be:

  • Fees that are used to run the operations of a society
  • Fees that support a particular academic mission
  • Fees that support a facilitys operations
  • Fees that support a particular activity within a faculty
  • Health and Dental Insurance