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Required immunizations for Health Science & Social Work students

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to read the introductory paragraph below:

This section is specific to Health Care Students and covers those vaccines that are required for these students to complete their clinical requirements in teaching hospital within the Province of Quebec. Students can choose to receive their vaccines from their own physician, at a CSSS (CLSC) or at McGill Student Health Services.   All completed forms will be collected and forwarded to McGill Student Health.  The method by which this will be done varies depending on the Faculty or School.  Please check with your admission office to find out how this will proceed.

The recommendations have been established by the Quebec Public Health Department.   The requirements established by the Faculty of Dentistry are above and beyond those dictated by the province.   Therefore, those students entering Dentistry may be required to pay for the extra required tests and vaccines.

Students choosing to do an elective or placement outside of Quebec will be expected to meet the requirements of the institution where they are going.   Since the requirements are beyond those established by the Quebec Public Health department students may again be asked to pay for supplementary tests or vaccines.   

Immunization costs - If beyond Quebec Public Health requirements :  
Vaccination - Hepatitis B  $25.00   each
Vaccination - Measles, Mumps, and Rubella  $35.00   each
Vaccination - PPD Test  $15.00   each
Vaccination - Tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis  $30.00   each
Vaccination - Varicella   $75.00   each
Private Lab test - Hepatitis B Surface Antibody  $65.00
Private Lab test - Hepatitis B Surface Antigen  $65.00
Private Lab test - Hepatitis C Antibody $65.00
Private Lab test - HIV Serology $55.00
Private Lab test - Mumps IGG  $80.00
Private Lab test - Red Measles IGG $55.00
Private Lab test - Rubella IGG $40.00
Private Lab test - Varicella $65.00

For information on immunizations and vaccines available, visit our immunizations page.


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