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By pre-authorized debit (e-cheque)

This payment method is available for Canadian and US financial institutions and allows you to initiate a payment to McGill, through Minerva, that debits your bank account. This option is available to students and their designated Guests.

To subscribe to this service, you are required to sign a one-time agreement stating that McGill University may debit your bank account for the amount that you specify on a given date. In other words, you will log into Minerva and approve a payment to be made.

Step 1: Setup pre-authorized debit with McGill

  • Print and complete the agreement form found here .
  • Note that it must be signed by the account holder(s).
  • If the bank account is not in the student’s name, then the account holder must be set up with Guest access by the student in order to use this payment method.
  • Return the form to Student Accounts with a cheque marked VOID*; to the contact information indicated on the form.
  • Once the pre-authorized debit is set up you will be notified by email.

Step 2: Make the payment

  • Log into Minerva and navigate to the e-Payments Options menu under the e-Billing and e-Payments menu (for Guests: e-Payments Options menu under e-Payment menu).
  • Click on “Make a pre-authorized debit payment” on the bottom of the screen (for Guests, you will have to first select the student for which you are making a payment).
  • Enter the amount that you want to pay, in Canadian dollars.
    • If your bank account is in the United States, then the amount will be converted into $US on the next business day, when the payment request is presented to the US bank.
  • The Payment Date will default to the current date.
    • You can choose a date in the future if you want to post-date the payment. The payment will not be reflected on the student’s account until this date, and your bank account will not be debited until after this date.
  • Submit the payment.
    • Note that post-dated payments can be cancelled up until the Payment Date, on the Pending e-Payments page. Current dated payments can be cancelled up until the point the payment request is sent to our bank (as long as you can see the payment on the Pending e-Payments page).
  • The payment will appear on the student’s Account Summary by Term the next business day.
  • Your bank account will be debited within 1-3 business days.

Payment requests that are returned (i.e. closed account, insufficient funds, etc.) will be subject to a returned item charge. For transactions in US dollars, accounts will be debited at the exchange rate charged by the bank to the University. This sometimes represents a significant difference from the amount originally paid, depending on the rate of exchange on the date of the return.

Note that the agreement may be cancelled at any time by notifying the Student Accounts Office, either by fax, by telephone or by email.

* Where a cheque is not available, another document must be provided showing the bank logo, your name, your bank account number and the bank routing/transit number. Bank statements, print-screens from an internet banking site & letters from bank employees on letterhead are acceptable documents.