Guest access

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Description of guest access | Granting access privileges | Methods of payment 

Description of guest access

Students have the ability to give guests certain privileges within Minerva to their account. These privileges may include:

  • Viewing e-Bills and account summaries
  • Viewing and printing tax receipts
  • Accessing e-Payment services 

To grant someone guest access privileges, see the section on Granting access privileges below.

Students can revoke individual privileges at any time.  Once access has been granted, Student Accounts staff will respond to questions from authorized guests regarding the specific information to which they have been given access. 

Students who do not want to grant access to a guest can enter an "Alternate Student Billing" e-mail addresses that will be used to send copies of your monthly e-bill notification.

Students are advised not to share their PIN with anyone. Guest access allows information to be passed to a guest without giving away your PIN.

Granting access privileges

  1. Log in to Minerva. Select ‘Student Menu’, then ‘Student Accounts Menu’ and finally ‘Guest Access’.

  2. Complete the information about your guest. You will need to provide their name, their relationship to you, their email address, and a secret word that you provide. At this point, you will be able to select the privileges that you wish your guest to have.

  3. You and your guest will receive an email containing the secret word that you have provided. Your guest will receive another email with a link to the Guest Set-up site on Minerva. They must use this link within 35 days of receiving it. Once your guest opens the link they will be asked to provide a few more pieces of information in order to set them up to use Minerva, such as their birthdate, their phone number and their address.

  4. If this person should happen to have a McGill email address, they will be matched with their existing McGill ID and be shown the login page to Minerva, using their already existing credentials. Otherwise, a McGill ID will be generated and the instructions on how to login to Minerva will be provided by e-mail. As an authorized guest, they will be able to see only the menus that you have assigned to them.

For more detailed instructions on how to login to Minerva for the first time, see the Minerva for guests website

Methods of Payment

Guests have access to the same methods of payments as students. The most popular methods of payments are the following:

e-payment option – On-Line Banking in Canadian financial institutions

Guests can simply choose to pay for a student using on-line banking. In this case the guest should:

  1. Log in to online banking either via the URL the guest uses to do their banking, or by clicking on one of the bank links we have provided on the e-payment options screen in Minerva.
  2. Set-up a new payee by selecting McGill University.
  3. The bank will ask for an account number. The guest should enter the 9 digit McGill ID of the student who is to receive the payment (note that a common mistake that some guests have made is to enter the McGill ID assigned to the guest. This has resulted in the account of the guest being credited with the funds, and NOT the student’s account).

e-payment option – Pre-Authorized Debit

This payment method is available for Canadian and US financial institutions. To subscribe to this service, guests must sign a one-time agreement by which they agree that McGill University may debit their bank account for the amount that they specify on a given date. In other words, guests will log into Minerva and approve a payment to be made.  They will need to download the agreement from the e-Payment options menu in Minerva, or from our forms page, and submit it to the Student Accounts Office by fax (514) 398-2656 with a cheque marked VOID. Through the e-Payment options menu, a guest should:

  1. Select which student they wish to pay for (if more than one student has given them guest access privileges).
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page where they will see a box titled Payment Amount (CAD$).
  3. Enter the payment. If their bank account is in the United States, then the amount will be converted into $US on the next business day, when the payment request is presented to the guest's bank.
  4. The payment will appear on the student’s fee account the next business day.

For more information please see the Pre-authorized Debit Brochure.