Plenary II


Professor and Former Director of Training and Learning Department, Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana (SUPSI)

Plenary Title

L’approche programme: une opportunité pour le développement pédagogique durable (The program approach: an opportunity for sustainable educational development)


Thursday June 21, 2012 - 8:45 - 10:00am

Plenary Description

During this presentation Dr. Nicole Rege Colet will describe how endorsing a program approach in educational development is part of the paradigm shift now occurring in higher education. She will describe how to sustain an educational change process through implementing a conceptual framework centered on students and their learning experience. This framework is summed up both for designing and organizing curriculum and for innovating in teaching practice, thereby assuring constructive alignment between programs and teaching. Dr. Rege Colet will highlight the pedagogical principles and values underlying changes in curriculum design and review their implications for the design of instruction. She will also discuss the models of leadership necessary to guide the change process and will examine barriers to programmatic approaches in curriculum design. Her presentation will include a concrete example of taking teacher training programs from upper secondary level up to professional tertiary level.

Follow up Session Title (CS4.01)

Réaliser le potentiel de l’approche-programme : leadership et gestion du changement
(Fulfilling the potentials of the program approach: leadership and change management)

Follow up Session Description

The follow-up session will focus on the opportunities and barriers to educational change through implementing the program approach highlighted in the second part of the plenary presentation. There are several established evidence-based and practice-grounded conceptual models and frameworks available for innovating in higher education. This does not mean that reforms and change processes are getting easier as the academic community moves towards future higher education. Innovations and expected changes are challenging not only higher education policy but the whole academic community in its beliefs of what the higher education learning experience should be and how to organize it in order to fit new requirements. Dr. Rege Colet will therefore present some of the challenges set to change agents and leaders in higher education dealing with implementing program approaches. Session participants will be invited to discuss their experiences with program approaches, the hurdles they had to overcome but also the thresholds they crossed in order to engage in deep transformation of teaching practice. The role and contributions of change agents such as academic or faculty developers will also be discussed in order to identify what works and does not work for overcoming barriers to educational change.


Nicole Rege Colet is a Professor of Education Sciences and Former Director of the Haute école pédagogique, which trains teachers in the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland. Trained in psychology and then in education sciences, in which she obtained her doctorate in 1999, her main field of research is university teaching and higher education. Prior to her current position, she created the Centre de soutien à l’enseignement (Teaching Support Centre) at the University of Geneva, where she served as its Director for 10 years. The Centre offers faculty development in university teaching, means to evaluate teaching quality, and pedagogical consultations. Her work in higher education began in interdisciplinary teaching, before evolving into teaching practices in higher education and pedagogical models for teacher-researchers. Her strong involvement in the implementation of the Bologna process in Switzerland led her to work on higher education reforms, such as the move towards tertiary professional training, particularly for teachers, and the implementation of quality assurance models. Her most recent activities concern academic leadership and leading change processes.

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