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Nicole Rigillo

Nicole Rigillo, PhD candidate, Anthropology
nicole [dot] rigillo [at] mail [dot] mcgill [dot] ca (Email) CV

Project Title: From Vicious to Virtuous Cycle: Corporate Investments in Women for Social Change in Bangalore

Research Interests: Corporate Social Responsibility, Gender, Biopolitics, Global Health, History of the Welfare State

Main supervisor: Dr. Lisa Stevenson

Geographic Focus: India

Project Description:
My current research explores the emergence of global health and empowerment initiatives targeting women as agents of social change, grounding itself in an anthropological study of corporate social responsibility programs targeting women in Bangalore.

Previous education:
MA, Anthropology, Concordia University
Hon. BA, Anthropology, University of Toronto

Publication History:

Macdonald, Mary Ellen; Nicole Rigillo, Paul Brassard. 2010. Urban Aboriginal Understandings and Experiences of Tuberculosis, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Qualitative Health Research, 20(4):506-523.

Rigillo, Nicole. 2009. “Free Condoms are like Cheap Clothes, they Tear Quickly”: Mistrust in Condoms among Young People in Windhoek, Namibia. Vis-à-vis: Explorations in Anthropology, 9(2):189-202. 

Rigillo, Nicole. 2009. Faith in God, but not in Condoms: Churches and Competing Visions of HIV Prevention in Namibia. Canadian Journal of African Studies, Vol. 43(1):34-59. 

Sewitch, Maida; Monica Cepoiu, Nicole Rigillo, Donald Sproule. 2008. Attitudes of Health Care Professionals toward Complementary and Alternative Medicine: A Review. Complementary Health Practice Review 13(3):139-154. 

Rigillo, Nicole. 2007. Broken Condoms, Corroded Trust: The politics of HIV prevention in Namibia. MA Thesis, Concordia University. 

Rigillo, Nicole and Lusia Shiinda. 2005. Youth Attitudes towards Condoms and Social Marketing in Windhoek, Namibia. In the Social and Cultural Aspects of HIV/AIDS: Reports from the Field, 2004. Richard B. Lee and Robert Lorway, eds. Pp. 16-32. Toronto: University of Toronto Department of Anthropology Publication.