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Conclusion of the Strategic Reframing Initiative

Conclusion of the Strategic Reframing Initiative

The Strategic Reframing Initiative (SRI) was launched in 2010 as a disciplined process to examine and improve key areas in many of the University’s practices. The SRI, which consisted of a suite of projects, had one goal in mind – that of maintaining McGill’s status, into the future, as one of the world’s top universities. Following the efforts of five working groups, which were composed of deans, faculty and senior administrators, Principal Heather Munroe-Blum put the SRI into place, focusing on five areas: cost efficiencies, enrolment mix, performance enhancement, philanthropy, and transformative research and innovation.

After months of fact-finding, brainstorming and reflection, various final project recommendations categorized under these five major themes were presented by SRI Working Groups to the Steering Committee and given the green light to move forward.

Each SRI project fell under the responsibility of an Executive Sponsor and was managed by a Project Leader, who, depending on the size and nature of the project, had others working with him or her. Each project had specific objectives, a timeline, and measurements for success. Together, these projects have been of benefit to McGill and its community in different ways.

The SRI has generated significant returns to McGill, making an improvement in the University’s over-all financial situation by more than $25 million on the basis of a $3.5 million in investments. SRI projects have also contributed to increases in the University’s substantial philanthropic income and supported the development of new research revenues. The SRI’s achievements are not only measured in dollars. The Initiative has helped shift the University’s culture toward one of greater innovation in planning and delivery and in changing the way we work. We are working smarter, we are more efficient, thanks in part to the SRI.

We are now able to formally wind down the SRI because the best practices developed from it have become firmly embedded in the McGill culture and will continue to bring benefit to the University in the years to come.

We thank all members of McGill’s community for their hard work in making the SRI a success.