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Caroline Storr

Caroline Storr Position: Assistant Professor [professional]; Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education (OT)

Building: Davis House, 3654 prom Sir-William-Osler

Office Room: D2

Mailing Address: 3654 prom Sir-William-Osler, Montréal, QC, Canada H3G 1Y5

Office Phone: 398-6561

Fax: 398-6360

caroline [dot] storr [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Email)

Education: M.B.A., Concordia University B.Sc. (Occ. Ther.), McGill University


OCC1 501: Clinical Practicum 1
OCC1 502: Clinical Practicum 2
OCC1 503: Clinical Practicum 3
OCC1 602: Clinical Practicum 4
OCC1 546: Strategies in OT Professional Practice
POTH 640: Role-Emerging Management

On-line IPE Supervisory Modules: www.mcgill.ca/spot/clinicaleducation/supervision/

Research Description:

Caroline Storr, MBA, OT(c), erg, is an Assistant Professor and the Academic Clinical Coordinator of Occupational Therapy at McGill University. Caroline has worked as a clinician with a focus in developmental pediatrics, new program development and private practice. She has expanded the opportunities for international student learning in a variety of practice roles both in new and fellowship funded projects. 

Research interests:

International fieldwork, models of student supervision, community service learning, mentoring, teaching and technology. Fieldwork education is constantly changing yet change itself is hard to implement.  In an effort to promote continuous quality improvement in the clinical teaching setting while assuring that we meet diverse client needs, we need to regularly examine the changing forces and adapt our teaching to new learners and new ways in the workplace. What are the current benefits and challenges of international OT fieldwork?  This current study is helping to highlight factors for consideration in planning international electives. I like to explore clinically relevant questions.

Research Themes:

  • Web-based education
  • Mentoring relationships in the workplace
  • Collaborative models of student supervision
  • Health care reform
  • Clinical business development
  • Impact of international fieldwork on student learning

Selected Publications:

Beaulieu M, Granner F, Hopmeyer E, Storr C, Vogt A. (2010) Virtual and face-to-face group work: an inter-professional supervision course. Intervention 133, 31-8.

Holmes JD, Bossers AM, Polatajko HJ, Drynan DP, Gallagher MB, O'Sullivan CM, Slade AL, Stier J, Storr CA, Denney JL. (2010) 1000 fieldwork hours: Analysis of mulit-site evidence. Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy 77(3) 135-43.

Beaulieu, M., Granner, F.,Hopmeyer, E., Storr, C., Vogt, A. Virtual and Face-to-Face Group Work :  An Inter-Professional Supervision Course. Intervention, 133, 31-38, (2010)

Holmes, J.D., Bossers, A.M., Polatajko, H.J., Drynan, D.P., Gallagher, MB.,. O’Sullivan, C.M., Slade,A.L., Stier,J.,  Storr, C.A., and. Denney, J.L. 1000 fieldwork hours: Analysis of multi-site evidence. Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy. 77(3) 135-143 (2010).

Selected Presentations:

C Storr, F Coutinho, A MacDermott. IPE success story: Providing community-funded rehabilitation services and fieldwork. CAOT Conference, Victoria, B.C. (June 2013)

C Storr. A Narrative Exchange across Borders and Generations: Sharing Clinical Practice. Association of Caribbean Occupational Therapists Conference, Barbados (November, 2011)

C Storr. TEACHING WHEN THERE'S NO TIME TO TEACH: STRATEGIES & TECHNIQUES. Association of Caribbean Occupational Therapists Conference, Barbados (November, 2011)

M L Boudreau, D Cameron, L Cockburn, D Drynan, H Lauckner, C Moliner, C Storr. The Ethics of Working and Learning in Developing Countries. CAOT, Saskatoon, Sk. (2011)

E Hopmeyer, F Granner, M Beaulieu, A Vogt, C Storr. Virtual and face to face group work: parallel processes in inter-professional learning. 32nd International Symposium on Social Work with groups. Montreal, QC, (2010)