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Patricia McKinley

Associate Professor (retired); Chercheur régulier, C.R.I.R. (Centre de recherche interdisciplinaire en Réadaptation) du Montréal métropolitain www.crir.ca

Building: Hosmer House, 3630 prom Sir-William-Osler

Office Room: H-301B

Mailing Address: 3654 prom Sir-William-Osler, Montréal, QC, Canada H3G 1Y5

Office Phone: 398-4498

Lab Room: H17

Fax: 398-8183

patricia [dot] mckinley [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Email)

Education: BA (Zoology) UCLA; MA (Developmental Biology) UCLA; PhD (Kinesiology) UCLA

Research Keywords:

leisure activities, vulnerable populations, dance, cognitive function development

Research Description:

The major focus of Dr McKinley's current research program is the investigation of leisure-based physical activities for promotion of health and well-being in vulnerable populations, with a special focus on dance as a rehabilitation tool.


Jewish Rehabilitation Centre

Selected Publications:

Pearson, I, Boyd, J, Boyer-Remillard, ME, Pilon-Piquette, M, McKinley, P. Une version Franco-Quebecoise du Sport concussion Assessment tool 2 (SCAT2); outil d’ evaluation pour commotions dans le sport2-Quebec (SCAT2_QC).  Physiotherapy Canada, (in press).

Pinniger R, Brown R, Thorsteinsson E, and McKinley P. Argentine tango dance compared to mindfulness meditation and a waiting-list control: a randomized trial for treating depression. Complementary Therapies in Medicine epub 3 Aug, 2012 20:377-384

Pinniger R, Brown R, Thorsteinsson E, McKinley P. Tango dance can reduce distress and insomnia in people with self-referred affective symptoms. American Journal of Dance Therapy (2013) 35(1)60-77 Feb epub

Pinniger R, Brown R, Thorsteinsson E, McKinley P. Intensive tango program for people with self-referred affective symptoms. Music and Medicine (2013) 5:15-22b

Pinniger R, Brown R, Thorsteinsson E, and McKinley P. Tango program for individuals with age-related macular degeneration. British Journal of Visual Impairment (2013) 31:47-59

Pinniger R, Brown R, Thorsteinsson E, McKinley P. Turning emotions into motion; use of Argentine tango for persons with self-declared depression. J Complementary Medicine (in press)

Sofianidis G, Hatzitaki V, McKinley P. Expertise, auditory guidance and cultural influences on dance performance. J Dance Medicine & Science (in press) 

Li K, Roudaia E*, Lussier M, Bherer L, Leroux A, McKinley P. (2010) Benefits of cognitive dual-task training on balance performance in healthy older adults. Journal of GerontologyA: Biological and Medical Sciences 12:1344-1352

Schneiberg, S.* Patricia A McKinley, Heidi Sveistrup, Erika Gisel, Nancy E Mayo, Mindy F Levin (2010)Task-oriented intervention and trunk restraint on upper limb movement quality in children with cerebral palsy Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology 52:245-253

Schneiberg, S.*, McKinley, P., Gisel, E., Sveistrup,H., and Levin, M. (2010) Reliability of kinematic measures of functional reaching in children with cerebral palsy.  Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology 52: 167-173

Duquette, J.*, McKinley, P., Mazer, B., Gelinas, I., Vanier, M., Benoit, D., Gresset, J. (2010)  Impact of partial administration of the Cognitive Behavioral Driver’s Inventory on concurrent validity in individuals with brain injury.  Am J of Occ Therapy 64:279-287