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Barbara Mazer

Assistant Professor; Chercheur régulier, C.R.I.R. (Centre de recherche interdisciplinaire en Réadaptation) du Montréal métropolitain www.crir.ca

Building: Hosmer House, 3630 prom Sir-William-Osler

Office:  H-302

Mailing Address: 3654 prom Sir-William-Osler, Montréal, QC, Canada H3G 1Y5

Lab Phone: 450-688-9550 ext. 526

barbara [dot] mazer [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Email)

Education: BSc (OT) (Queen's U.), MSc (Rehabilitation Sciences), PhD (Epidemiology and Biostatistics); Postdoctorate (Health Services) Université de Montréal.


Co-ordinate and Contribute to following courses:

POTH 624: Entry Level Masters Project (coordinator)
POTH 612: Advanced Research Methods, Measurement block
OCC1 547: Occupational Solutions I  (contributor)
OCC1 617: Occupational Solutions II (contributor)

Research Description:

Dr. Mazer’s research focuses on the rehabilitation of adults and children with neurological impairments; specifically, the factors associated with utilization of rehabilitation services, integration into the community, participation in leisure activities and use of transportation/driving.
Current research projects include:

  • Development of a screening tool to determine driving safety in senior drivers
  • Driving Observation Schedule: observation of naturalistic driving in senior drivers, determining changes in driving performance over time
  • The utilization of rehabilitation services by children with disabilities
  • A randomized clinical trial evaluating the effectiveness of dyad intervention versus individual intervention for preschool children with language impairment

Member of Centre de recherche interdisciplinaire en réadaptation du Montréal métropolitain (CRIR), Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital Research Institute

Research Keywords:

Neurological disorders, rehabilitation services, driving, clinical trials, leisure particpation

Selected Publications:

Brossard-Racine M, Mazer B, Julien M, Majnemer A. (2012) Validating the use of the Evaluation Tool of Children's Handwriting-Manuscript (ETCH-M) to identify handwriting difficulties and detect change in school-aged children. American Journal of Occupational Therapy 66(4):414-421.

Darsaklis V, Snider LM, Majnemer A, Mazer B. (2013) Assessments used to diagnose developmental coordination disorder: do their underlying constructs match the diagnostic criteria? Physical and Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics 33(2):186-198.

Dumont C, Mazer B. (2013) Assessment of computer task performance for children: standardization, validation and reliability. Accepted Technology and Disability 25:27-35.

Mazer B, Majnemer A, Dahan-Oliel N, Sebestyen I. (2012) Global developmental assessments. In Majnemer A. (ed.) Clinical and Research Measures for children with Developmental Disability: Framed by the ICF-CY, MacKeith Press, U.K.

Dahan-Oliel N, Mazer B, Majnemer A. (2012) Preterm birth and leisure participation: a synthesis of the literature. Research in Developmental Disabilities. 33;1211-20.

Boudier-Revéret M, Mazer B, Ehrmann Feldman D, Shrier I. (2011) Practice management of musculoskeletal injuries in active children British Journal of Sports Medicine. 45:1137-43. 

Thordardottir E, Chilingaryan G, Kehayia E, Mazer B, Majnemer A, Trudeau N, Sutton A. (2011) Sensitivity and specificity of French language measures for the identification of Primary Language Impairment at age 5. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research. 54:580-97.

Darsaklis B, Snider LM, Majnemer A, Mazer B. (2011) Predictive validity of the General Movements: a structured review of the evidence. Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology. 53:896-906.

Dahan-Oliel N, Majnemer A, Mazer B. (2011) Quality of life of adolescents and young adults born at high risk: How do they measure up? Physical & Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics. 31(4):362-89.

Dahan-Oliel N, Mazer B, Gelinas I, Dobbs B, Lefebvre H. (2010) Transportation use in community-dwelling older adults: Association with participation and leisure activities. Canadian Journal on Aging. 29(4), 491-502.