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Recent Placements

2013 - Ph.D Students

Name: Kimberley Ducey
Placement: Assistant Professor, The University of Winnipeg

Name: Kalyani Thurairajah
Placement: Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, MacEwan University

2011 - Ph.D Students

Name: Sara Amin 
Placement: Assistant Professor, Asian Women’s University

Name: Lynne Gouliquer
Placement: Banting Fellow, Atlantic Centre for Qualitative Research & Analysis, St. Thomas University

Name: Andy Dawson
Placement: Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Glendon College, York University

Name:  Christine Doucet
Placement: Planning Officer, University of Montreal

Name: Susan Rogers
Placement: Research Associate, the Life Sciences Foundation

Name: Tanya Trussler
Placement: Assistant Professor, Department of Justice Studies, Mount Royal University

2011 - MA Students

Name: Raphaël Charron-Chénier 
Placement: Ph.D Program, Duke University

2010 - Ph.D Students

Name: Sean Clouston
Placement: Assistant Professor, Department of Preventative Medicine and the Program in Public Health, Stony Brook University

Name: Magali Girard
Placement: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California at Berkeley

Name: Heather Zhang
Placement: Researcher, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada

2010 - MA Students

Name: Joseph Halbersma 
Placement: Grants Officer, Office of Sponsored Research, McGill University

Name: Charles (Chuk) Plante
Placement: Ph.D Program, McGill University

2009 - Ph.D Students

Name: Yesim Bayar
Placement: 3 year appointment, Concordia University

Name: Natalka Patsiurko 
Placement: Research Fellow, University of Aberdeen 

Name: Liam Swiss
Placement: Assistant Professor, Memorial University

2009 - MA Students

Name: Nicole Mardis
Placement: Ph.D Program. McGill University

Name: Christine Proulx
Placement: Ph.D Program. McGill University

Name: Jennifer Sigouin
Placement: Ph.D Program. McGill University

2008 - Ph.D Students

Name: Anna-Liisa Aunio
Placement: Professor, Dawson College

Name: Valerie Martin
Placement: Senior Researcher, German Youth Institute 

Name: Yoko Yoshida 
Placement: Assistant Professor, Dalhousie University

2008 - MA Students

Name: Kevin Daley
Placement: Faculty of Law (B.C.L./LL.B. Program), McGill University

Name: Liam Martin
Placement: Co-founder Staff.com 

Name: Vicki Odorico
Placement: Professor, John Abbott College

2007 - Ph.D Students

Name: Tolga Bölükbasi
Placement: Assistant Professor, Bilkent University (Ankara)

Name: Annalisa Salonius
Placement: Post Doctoral Fellow, Chemical Heritage Foundation, University of Pennsylvania

2005 - MA Students

Name: Hrag Balian
Placement: Ph.D. Program, Columbia University

Name: Patrick Rafail 
Placement: Assistant Professor, Tulane University

2004 - MA Students

Name: Carla Barqueiro
Placement: Assistant Professor, School of Public and International Affairs, University of Baltimore