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Elaine Weiner

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Associate Professor

Stephen Leacock Building, Room 713
855 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec, H3A 2T7

Tel.: 514-398-6843
Fax: 514-398-3403
E-Mail: elaine [dot] weiner [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Elaine Weiner)
Office: Leacock 732

Research Areas

Gender, Work, Culture, Citizenship and Political Economy, Development, Qualitative Methods, Central and East European Societies.



(PhD, University of Michigan, 2003). Associate Professor, at McGill University since 2003.

Professor Weiner’s research interests lie in the intersection of gender, culture, and Central and East European societies. Her book, Market Dreams: Gender, Class, and Capitalism in the Czech Republic draws upon focus groups, interviews and textual sources to compare Czech female managers' and factory workers' experiences with and understandings of transformation (and the lack thereof) in their work and family lives during the Czech Republic's transition from socialism to capitalism. She is currently researching the adoption and implementation of equal opportunity legislation in East Central Europe from the standpoints of both its institutional and individual stakeholders, with a particular focus on the Czech case.


Selected Publications


Weiner, Elaine. 2007. Market Dreams: Gender, Class, and Capitalism in the Czech Republic. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press.

Articles and Book Chapters

Weiner, Elaine. 2010. “Morality, Biology and the Free Market: (De)Naturalizing the EU’s Gender Equality Agenda in the Czech Republic.” Women’s Studies International Forum 33(1): 13-20.

Ghodsee, Kristen, Lavinia Stan and Elaine Weiner. 2010. "Compliance Without Commitment? The EU’s Gender Equality Agenda in the Central and Eastern Europe States.” Women’s Studies International Forum 33(1): 1-2.

Weiner, Elaine. 2009. “Eastern Houses, Western Bricks? (Re)Constructing Gender Sensibilities in the European Union’s Eastward Enlargement.” Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State & Society 16(3): 1-24.

Weiner, Elaine. 2009. “Dirigism and Déjà Vu Logic: The Gender Politics and Perils of EU Enlargement.” European Journal of Women’s Studies 16(3): 211-28.

Weiner, Elaine. 2005. "No (Wo)Man's Land: The Post-Socialist Purgatory of Czech Female Factory Workers." Social Problems 52(4):572-92.

Weiner, Elaine. 2004. “Imperfect Vision: Failing to See the ‘Difference’ of Central and East European Women.” Pp. 27-51 in Gender and the (Post) East-West Divide, edited by Michaela Frunza and Theodora Vacarescu. Romania: Limes Publishing House.

Caulkins, D. Douglas and Elaine Weiner. 1999. "Enterprise and Resistance in the Celtic Fringe: High Growth, Low Growth and No Growth Firms" pp. 191-204 in Local Enterprise on the North Atlantic Margin: Selected Contributions to the Fourteenth International Seminar on Marginal Regions by Reginald Byron and Stuart Black. Aldershot: Avebury Press.

Weiner, Elaine. 1998. "Assessing the Implications of Political and Economic Reform in the Post-Socialist Era: the Case of Czech and Slovak Women." East European Quarterly 31(4):473-502.

Caulkins, D. Douglas and Elaine Weiner. 1998. "Finding a Work Culture that Fits: Egalitarian Manufacturing Firms in Mid Wales." Anthropology of Work Review 19(1):27-32.

Book Review

Weiner, Elaine. 2010. “Book Review: Gender Regimes in Transition in Central and Eastern Europe by Gillian Pascall and Anna Kwak.” Czech Sociological Review 46(3): 482-84.

Weiner, Elaine. 2006. “Book Review: Development of Culture, Welfare States and Women’s Employment in Europe by Birgit Pfau-Effinger.” International Sociology Review of Books. 21(3): 459-62.

Weiner, Elaine. 2005. “Review Essay: Qualitative Research in Sociology by Amir B. Marvasti and ‘Stretching’ Exercises for Qualitative Researchers (2nd edition) by Valerie Janesick.” Qualitative Research. 5(2): 253-257.


Courses Taught

Undergraduate Courses:
SOCI 247 - Family and Modern Society
SOCI 321 - Women and Work
SOCI 455 - Post-Socialist Societies

Graduate Seminars:
SOCI 519 Gender and Globalization
SOCI 540 Qualitative Research Methods


Research Grants

2007-2011 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (Project: “Gender” Travels and Translations: The European Union, Equal Opportunities and the Czech Republic)