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Department of Sociology


July 2014 | Kalyani Thurairajah received her doctorate in 2013 and now has a tenure-track position at the Department of Sociology, MacEwan University, Edmonton, Alberta.

June 2014 | The winners of the Canadian Population Society Student Paper Competition at the Association's recent meeting at Brock were: Nicole Denier and Sean Waite, "Gay pay in Canadian Cities: Local labour market effects on sexual minority earnings gaps."

April 2014 | Several members of our Department were honoured by the Faculty of Arts:

- Jose Ignacio Nazif Munoz was one of the recipients of the Faculty of Arts Graduate Student Teaching Award.
- John Hall was the recipient of the 2014 Arts Award for Distinction in Research in Social Sciences.
- And Franca Cianci received the Arts Award of Excellence for Administrative and Support Staff.

December 2013 | Prof John Hall was interviewed by Dr Bill Kissane (London School of Economics) for H-Nationalism, the online version of Nations and Nationalism.

October 2013 | Prof. Céline Le Bourdais received the ‘prix Thérèse Gouin-Décarie’ (previously knownas the ‘prix Marcel Vincent’) de l’Association francophone pour le savoir (ACFAS) award for distinguished contribution in the field of social sciences. The award was received in acknowledgement of Celine's research on family transformations and its challenges for individuals and society, and her role in developing the Centre interuniversitaire québécois de statistiques sociales (CIQSS) that improved the work of other scholars and of students by providing them access to the detailed data that they need for their research.
August 2013 | Sean Clouston (Ph.D. 2011) is now an Assistant Professor at Stony Brook University in the Department of Preventative Medicine and the Program in Public Health.
August 2013 |  Ph.D. student Kalyani Thurairajah is starting a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Mount Allison University this fall.
  June 2013 | Prof. Matthew Lange was awarded a SSHRC Insight Grant for his research project entitled The ABC’s of Civil War Revisited (2013 – 2017). 


May 2013Prof. Morton Weinfeld was interviewed by Benjamin Shingler of the Canadian Press for the article  Influx of Christian and Muslim immigrants changing Canada's religious makeup
   April 2013Prof. Céline Le Bourdais was appointed to the Quebec Advisory Committee on Family Law, established by the Ministre de la Justice du Quebec.

March / April 2013Prof. Eran Shor and his co-authors generated major media buzz with the publication of their article entitled Only 15 Minutes? The Social Stratification of Fame in Printed Media. The authors have been interviewed by over 45 online newspapers, magazines, and online news sources from around the world, including USA Today, Los Angeles Times, The Lead (CNN), NBC News, and The Globe and Mail. Radio and television interviews were also given with CTV News, ABC News Radio, and several other stations.
   March 2013Prof.  Morton Weinfeld was awarded the 2013 Marshall Sklare Award by the Association for the Social Scientific Study of Jewry.  This award is given annually by the ASSJ to a senior scholar who has made a significant scholarly contribution to the social scientific study of Jewry.
  2013Prof. Bobby (Aniruddha) Das joined the Editorial Board of the Archives of Sexual Behavior, the official publication of the International Academy of Sex Research.
  2013Prof. Amélie Quesnel-Vallée was awarded a CIHR Science Policy Fellowship with the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies.

Recent Publications

Clark, Shelley and Cassandra Cotton.  2013. “Transitions to Adulthood in Urban Kenya: A Focus on Adolescent Migrants.”  Demographic Research, 28: 1053-1092.

Das, A. (2013). How does race get under the skin?: Inflammation, weathering, and metabolic problems in late life. Social Sciences and Medicine, 77, 75-83.

The Importance of Being Civil by John A. Hall
Civility is desirable and possible, but can this fragile ideal be guaranteed? The Importance of Being Civil offers the most comprehensive look at the nature and advantages of civility, throughout history and in our world today. Esteemed sociologist John A. Hall expands our understanding of civility as related to larger social forces--including revolution, imperialism, capitalism, nationalism, and war--and the ways that such elements limit the potential for civility

Nationalism and War edited by John A. Hall and Siniša Malešević
Has the emergence of nationalism made warfare more brutal? Is nationalism the cause or the consequence of the breakdown of imperialism? What is the role of victories and defeats in the formation of national identities? The relationship between nationalism and warfare is complex, and it changes depending on which historical period and geographical context is in question. In 'Nationalism and War', some of the world's leading social scientists and historians explore the nature of the connection.

Arnout van de Rijt, Eran Shor, Charles Ward, and Steven Skiena. Only 15 Minutes? The Social Stratification of Fame in Printed Media American Sociological Review April 2013 78: 266-289.