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October 2014 | Ignacio Nazif Muñoz won the John D. States Best Student Paper Award of the AAAM (Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine) at its 58th annual meeting, for his paper "Explaining Chile’s Traffic Fatalities and Injuries Reduction for 2000-2012, or When Traffic Law Reform Pushes Police Enforcement"
October 2014 | Candice Shaw was awarded a Mitacs Globalink Research Award. Congratulations!
September 2014 | Prof. John Hall was interviewed on CTV Montreal about the referendum in Scotland.
September 2014 | Prof. Shelley Clark was awarded a International Development Research Centre GroW grant for her project on how to create economic opportunities for women in Nairobi slums through improved childcare options. She also received a grant from the Population Council for a study of financial literacy and educational incentives of adolescent girls in Ghana and together with Sangeetha Mahavan (U of Maryland) Prof. Clark won an R21 award from the US National Institutes of Health (NICHD) to measure kinship support for children of single mothers in Nairobi. Congratulations to Prof. Clark on this hat-trick!
September 2014 | On September 8, 2014, the Department of Sociology hosted a workshop on "Jewish Conditions, Theories of Nationalism" whereby ideas of such thinkers as Hans Kohn, Isaiah Berlin, Ernest Gellner, Elie Kedourie, Emile Durkheim, Karl Popper, Horace Kallen, the early Bolsheviks and Otto Bauer were traced back to the complexities of their Jewish backgrounds.

July 2014 | Kalyani Thurairajah received her doctorate in 2013 and now has a tenure-track position at the Department of Sociology, MacEwan University, Edmonton, Alberta.

June 2014 | The winners of the Canadian Population Society Student Paper Competition at the Association's recent meeting at Brock were: Nicole Denier and Sean Waite, "Gay pay in Canadian Cities: Local labour market effects on sexual minority earnings gaps."

April 2014 | Several members of our Department were honoured by the Faculty of Arts:

- Jose Ignacio Nazif Munoz was one of the recipients of the Faculty of Arts Graduate Student Teaching Award.
- John Hall was the recipient of the 2014 Arts Award for Distinction in Research in Social Sciences.
- And Franca Cianci received the Arts Award of Excellence for Administrative and Support Staff.


Recent Publications

Weiner, Elaine and Heather MacRae (2014): ‘The persistent invisibility of gender in EU policy: Introduction’, in: Weiner, Elaine and Heather MacRae (eds): ‘The persistent invisibility of gender in EU policy’ European Integration online Papers (EIoP), Special issue 1, Vol. 18, Article 3, pp. 1-20.

Alessandro Olsaretti. 2014. “Beyond class: The many facets of Gramsci’s theory of intellectualsJournal of Classical Sociology 14:363-381.

Jason O. Jensen and John A. Hall. 2014. “The decomposition of the Danish imperial monarchyNations and Nationalism 20(4):742-759.

Clark, Shelley and Cassandra Cotton.  2013. “Transitions to Adulthood in Urban Kenya: A Focus on Adolescent Migrants.”  Demographic Research, 28: 1053-1092.

Das, A. (2013). How does race get under the skin?: Inflammation, weathering, and metabolic problems in late life. Social Sciences and Medicine, 77, 75-83.


The Importance of Being Civil by John A. Hall
Civility is desirable and possible, but can this fragile ideal be guaranteed? The Importance of Being Civil offers the most comprehensive look at the nature and advantages of civility, throughout history and in our world today. Esteemed sociologist John A. Hall expands our understanding of civility as related to larger social forces--including revolution, imperialism, capitalism, nationalism, and war--and the ways that such elements limit the potential for civility


Nationalism and War edited by John A. Hall and Siniša Malešević
Has the emergence of nationalism made warfare more brutal? Is nationalism the cause or the consequence of the breakdown of imperialism? What is the role of victories and defeats in the formation of national identities? The relationship between nationalism and warfare is complex, and it changes depending on which historical period and geographical context is in question. In 'Nationalism and War', some of the world's leading social scientists and historians explore the nature of the connection.


Arnout van de Rijt, Eran Shor, Charles Ward, and Steven Skiena. Only 15 Minutes? The Social Stratification of Fame in Printed Media American Sociological Review April 2013 78: 266-289.