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Academic Advising

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When you have an academic question, you might consult instructors or other students, but they can only offer opinions and may not have all the information you need to make an informed decision. Only faculty, department/school and peer advisors can provide complete advice — but you'll need to contact them first!

Occasionally, problems may arise that could delay your graduation if not dealt with promptly, and advisors are well-placed to help you avoid them. We strongly recommend that you inform yourself about what advisors can — and can't — do for you. While getting informed about rules and deadlines is ultimately your responsibility, they can offer guidance and help take some of the uncertainty out of your studies.

To find out what the School's advisors can do for you, consult the text below. For information about how your faculty advisors, professors and peer advisors can help, visit McGill's Advising website.

For questions/help regarding Oasis vs Service Point vs Departments, click Where to  go?

What the School's advisors do?

All students should consult their advisors at the School from time to time — and certainly before their final year — to make sure they are doing everything they need to do in order to graduate on schedule.

The School's advisors can help you by:

  • guiding your course selections to make sure you meet the requirements of your major or minor;
  • evaluating your requests for course equivalencies, recommending prior approval for inter-university transfer credits, or explaining the rationale for the design of academic programs;
  • providing information about university exchange programs and other opportunities;
  • offering support and referrals in cases of academic or personal difficulty.

BSW Re-Read Policy 2011 [.pdf]

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