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Affiliated Research Centres & Clinics


Centre de recherche et d’expertise en gérontologie sociale

The CREGÉS brings together interdisciplinary researchers, practitioners and students interested in social gerontology. It works to enable collaboration between front-line workers and researchers and studies issues related to social exclusion and the different forms of solidarity related to aging. Partnership with health institutions, community organisations and seniors' groups is key, and research themes include:

  • the multiple ways of aging and their representations
  • social environments (family, social environment and living environment)
  • intervention with seniors and public policies

Centre for Research on Children and Families

The Centre for Research on Children and Families (CRCF), formerly the Centre for Applied Family Studies (name change pending final university approval), works to create programs and policies for vulnerable children and youth and their families.

Gender and Child Welfare Network - Canadian Branch

The Gender and Child Welfare Network aims to create a community of academics, practitioners, policymakers and lobby groups interested in the impact of gender differences in child welfare matters.

McGill Consortium for Ethnicity and Strategic Planning

This unique facility helps ethnic communities conduct demographic research, and works with them to access and respond to Canadian census data. MCESSP also focuses on ethnic identity and discrimination, and helps develop public and community planning systems to respond sensitively and strategically to the needs of diverse groups. This Consortium operates in partnership with the McGill Consortium for Human Rights Advocacy Training. For more information, contact James Torczyner at 514-398-6754.

McGill Consortium for Human Rights Advocacy Training

The McGill Consortium for Human Rights Advocacy Training offers expertise and assistance to organizations working directly with disadvantaged people both in Canada and abroad. It provides human rights training in interdisciplinary legal and social work practice, rights advocacy techniques, model programs, reviewing and proposing legislation, and interdisciplinary research.

McGill Couple and Family Clinic

Headed by McGill Social Work professor Sharon Bond, the McGill Couple and Family Clinic (MCFC) is located within the Institute of Community and Family Psychiatry at the Sir Mortimer B. Davis-Jewish General Hospital. It provides couple and family therapy for families facing a wide array of couple and family problems, and has been a leading North American centre for family therapy practice, training and research for over 40 years. Professional services are provided by clinic faculty and graduate and post-graduate level trainees seeking an advanced specialization in couple and family therapy.

McGill Domestic Violence Clinic

The McGill Domestic Violence Clinic offers state-of-the-art training to graduate students, in addition to addressing violence against women and providing confidential counselling to individuals, couples and families. It also provides group treatment for men who batter and for women who have endured domestic violence. Students acquire skills in client assessment and therapy.

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