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Social Work

Aging Out of Place Into Homelessness

Wilson Hall, Wendy Patrick Room 3506 University Street Montreal, Quebec, CA


Aging Our of Place Into Homelessness

Presentation and Discussion "Midi Cregés"


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Resources for Students

Job, internship, and volunteering resources for students


The Roots of Social Work Education

In 1897, at a conference of Charities and Correction in Toronto, Mary Richmond, delivered a paper titled “The Need for a Training School of Applied Philanthropy”1. In this presentation, she stated that if those doing social work were to become an effective force in the solution of social problems and the development of community organizations, there was a need for an educational system specifically for social workers.

McGill School of Social Work Programs

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Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) Program

The BSW program prepares students for generalist social work practice. This 90-credit undergraduate program includes academic coursework and practical field placements. 

School of Social Work

Changing the world, one social worker at a time...

McGill University's School of Social Work prepares professionals to make contributions that make a difference in Montreal, across Canada, and around the world. Our emphasis is on critical thinking, clinical practice, community development, advocacy, policy and research, in order to help vulnerable and disadvantaged people and to promote social justice.