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Process of Agency Selection - Q Yr

  • While there are agencies that accept students whose French is limited, choices are restricted if the student is not functionally bilingual (English and French). Some agencies require a high level of French.
  • Do not contact agencies directly to inquire about a placement. Students do not negotiate their own field placements. Should a student wish to explore a specific setting not offered by the School, the student should discuss this with the Field Coordinator to look into this request. The Field Coordinator will evaluate the potential learning opportunities available for a student, the appropriateness of the setting and the availability of social work supervision.
  • Not all agencies offer placements at each academic level. Agency availability changes during the year – some agencies drop out, new ones may be recruited during the term.
  • Students must be prepared to travel at least one hour to the field placement.
  • The process of assignment to a field setting for students accepted into the Qualifying Year begins at the point of acceptance. A field planning form is sent to the student. This form must be completed and submitted to the Field Education Coordinator.
  • Students will schedule an individual meeting with the Field Coordinator to discuss learning goals and possible field placement options. Where students are unable to meet personally a telephone interview will be set up.
  • Students should consider that the field placement experience is an opportunity to learn something different, to test oneself in an environment with a new population or social problem and not stay with the familiar.
  • Within a few weeks students will receive a “Field Match and Interview Report” form from the Field Education office.
  • The identified Field Instructor / Coordinator must be contacted within two days and an interview set up as soon as possible. The student may lose the placement interview if the agency is not contacted and an interview set up in a timely manner.
  • When the interview is over, the student and potential field instructor will complete the appropriate section at the bottom of the “Field Match” form and return it to the Field Education office.
  • Placements will not be confirmed unless both student and field instructor agree to the match.
  • Another interview will be set up with a different agency if a match does not occur.
  • Contact the Field Education Coordinator ASAP if you are having a difficult time contacting the assigned instructor or agency coordinator.