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Field Placement Matching - Q Yr

  • Reasonable effort will be made to accommodate the student's preference where that preference is compatible with the criteria below.
  • The decision for each placement match depends on several factors, including but not limited to the following:
    • student's interest and preference for a particular field of practice.
    • student's learning and educational objectives .
    • student's learning style.
    • learning needs of the student as assessed by Field Coordinator.
    • requirements of the agency i.e. language, driving license, availability of car, time availability other than on field days.
    • previous experience in work, volunteer experience, field experience or specialized training, course work or skills that could be relevant to a placement is looked at and taken into consideration.
  • Students who have been employed or have extensive volunteer experience in particular areas of practice may be given placements where there is greater responsibility.
  • Specific academic course prerequisites may be required for some practice settings. Students are advised to be aware of these requirements and prepare themselves accordingly.
  • The school supports the requirements of some agencies for a criminal records check and/or various health tests, x rays or inoculations. Students who are unwilling to meet these requirements will not be able to be eligible in these practicum settings.
  • Students will not be placed with agencies or field instructors where the school believes there could be a conflict of interest e.g. student is related to or has been a client of the field instructor or other practicum setting staff.