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Field Instructors

Why Become A McGill Field Instructor?

Becoming a Field Instructor for the McGill University School of Social Work offers you the opportunity to influence the professional development of future social workers. Being a McGill Field Instructor allows you to:

  • Become a mentor.
  • Contribute to the profession by training the next generation of social work graduates
  • Take part in the most valued and important part of the social work curriculum
  • Provide real world opportunities for students to practice their skills

Being a McGill Field Instructor allows you to access:

     This course is for:

  1. First time field supervisors
  2. Supervisors who have never taken a field supervision course
  3. Supervisors who wish to network with other McGill Field Supervisors while refreshing their supervisory skills.

          (Dates to be determined)

  • On-line journal articles otherwise not available to the public
  • A new on-line repository of information, tools and exercises to support you in your role as supervisor
  • On-line Information Repository

The School of Social Work is pleased to provide you with access to our Online Information Repository as part of our commitment to supporting our community of field instructors.  As field instructors, you will have a McGill login identification and password which will allow you access to McGill’s secure online library resources, online journals and databases, detailed information on social work curriculum/assignments and access to our social work information repository containing:

  • articles
  • exercises
  • teaching tools
  • links to recommended teaching materials

Login information and password will be provided to you at the beginning of each school year and will be active from September to August for all registered field instructors.  Login information and password must be renewed for each academic year.

SW Curriculum Information

In addition to our online information repository we are pleased to provide you with the list of courses offered in each year of study for the BSW, Qualifying Year, and MSW programs.  Descriptions will be provided of all courses as well as other relevant course information, class exercises and assignments that relate to direct practice in field placement.

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