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Myriam Denov, Professor & Canada Research Chair

Dr. Myriam Denov is a Full Professor and holds the Canada Research Chair in Youth, Gender and Armed Conflict (Tier 1).  Her research and teaching interests lie in the areas of children and youth in adversity, and international child protection, with an emphasis on war and political violence, children in armed conflict, and gender-based violence. A specialist in participatory research, she has worked with war-affected children in Asia, Africa, and the Americas and has conducted research on the reintegration experiences of former child soldiers in Sierra Leone and Colombia, and war-affected youth living in Canada.  Denov has presented expert evidence in court on child soldiers, and has advised government and nongovernmental organizations on children in armed conflict, and girls in armed groups.  She currently leads a multi-institutional and multidisciplinary research team on children and global adversity.  Denov has authored four books, including Child Soldiers: Sierra Leone’s Revolutionary United Front (Cambridge University Press) and Children’s Rights and International Development: Lessons and Challenges from the Field (Palgrave Macmillan).   In 2014, she was awarded a Trudeau Fellowship to address the realities of children born of wartime sexual violence in Northern Uganda.  Denov holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge, where she was a Commonwealth Scholar.


Areas of interest:

  • War and political violence
  • Children in armed conflict
  • Post-conflict reconstruction and peacebuilding
  • Gender-based violence
  • International social work
  • Juvenile justice
  • Participatory research methods

Recent grants


 Fonds de Recherche du Québec sur la Société et la Culture, Soutien aux Équipes de Recherche (Emerging Team Grant) -  $56,320

Research Group on Children and Global Adversity: A Rights-Based Approach

Principal Investigator: Myriam Denov; Co-Applicants: Jazwant Guzder, Claudia Mitchell, Natasha Blanchet-Cohen; Collaborators: Cécile Rousseau, Michael Ungar, Lucie Nadeau, Sarah Fraser, Sharon Bond, Nicole Ives, Violaine Lemay, Warren Linds, Marc-André Éthier, Miranda D’Amico, Monica Ruiz Casares


Grand Challenges Canada/Canadian Institute of Health Research -   $220,000

Child Labour and Health Equity

Principal Investigators: Anne Andermann, Muazzam Nasrullah; Co-Applicants: Saeed Awan, Lisa Andermann, Ibrahim Balla Souley, Ryoa Chung, Myriam Denov, Djibo Douma, Rebecca Freeman Grais, Susan Gunn, Kirsten Johnson, Marc Laporta, Ann Macaulay, Vilma Santana


McGill University, Internal SSHRC Grant -  $6,000

Social Navigation and the Long-term Reintegration of Child Soldiers

Principal Investigator: Myriam Denov


Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada -  $16,925

Community Partnerships for Educational Success: Exploring Inuit conceptualizations of family involvement in Secondary School in Nunavik.

Principal Investigator: Nicole Ives; Co-Applicants: Donna-Lee Smith, France Beauregard, Sore Miller, Wendy Thomson, Vandna Sinha; Collaborator: Myriam Denov


Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada -  $195,993

The Making and Unmaking of Child Soldiers in Sierra Leone and Colombia: Child and Youth Perspectives on Militarization and Reintegration’

Principal and Sole Investigator: Myriam Denov

- Ranked 1st out of 103 applicants.

- Awarded the largest Standard Research Grant in Canada in 2007 competition.


Heritage Canada -  $428,000

Black Community Demographic Project

Principal Investigator: Jim Torczyner; Co-Applicants: Myriam Denov, Nicole Ives, Anne-Marie Livingston



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