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Be sure to check out our calendar for upcoming workshop dates. Most workshops last from 1-3 hours except where otherwise indicated.

Understanding Your Graduate Experience

Wondering if your experiences in graduate school are typical? New to graduate school and want to find out what to expect? Find out more about recent research and theories on graduate student development, and some tips on how to stay sane in graduate school.

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You and Your Supervisor

Wondering if the relationship between you and your supervisor is a healthy one? Learn about the importance of this relationship and the impact it can have on your graduate experience. You will be introduced to different supervising styles, learn tips on how to handle disputes and misunderstandings and shed some light on the lines between your responsibilities and those of your supervisor.

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Leading Effective Discussions: Facilitation Skills for Graduate Students

Would you like to know how well you are doing in leading discussions? Would you like to improve your presentation skills and/or know how you can positively impact the environment when you participate in committees or meetings where the structure is hierarchical? Do you want to improve your facilitation, leadership and communication skills?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, then this workshop will help you develop important and relevant skills! Sign up now for a practical and highly participatory Leading Effective Discussions: Facilitation Skills for Graduate Students workshop given by the First-Year Office’s Leadership Training Program.

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Getting What You Want: The Art of Negotiation

Is it possible to negotiate your salary, a promotion or when acquiring a job? What techniques do people use to express what they want? This interactive workshop will discuss how to professionally negotiate for what you want in both your career and life.

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Leadership for Life

Want to see what makes a great leader? Looking for opportunites on campus to take a leadership role? This all day conference features multiple information sessions and workshops for students that will allw you to bulid leadership skills, find out what leadership opportunities are available on campus ad meet like-minded students interested in leadership positions. 

Length: Full Day
Next offering: Please refer to the calendar.

Captivating an Audience: Public Speaking

Are you constantly worried about giving presentations? Does the idea of getting up in front of a large or small group of people make you lose sleep? Attend this workshop and learn to face these fears and excel in the art of public speaking, an essential component in many professions.

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Dealing with Different Personalities in Your Organization

Is it challenging to balance different peoples goals and personalities in your research or student group? This session will teach you some techniques to deal with difficult situations involving a diverse group of people in a professional manner.

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3 Minutes to Change the World

Want to test your presentation skills in front of a broad audience? This TED-talk inspiried event will allow you to share your research with a broad audience and hear about the exciting research that is taking place in other diverse Departments and Faculties at McGill University.

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