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Be sure to check out our calendar for upcoming workshop dates. Most workshops last from 1-3 hours except where otherwise indicated.

Basic Business Skills

Do you have an interest in business but are not sure if it is something you should pursue following your graduate degree? Find out if a career in business is for you. This series will take participants through a basic business foundation using weekly lectures and hands-on case studies. Topics range from marketing, finance, ethics and more

Length: 10-week series
Next offering: Please refer to the calendar. Offered over the course of each semester.

Academic Career Week

Looking for a career in academia? Not sure what skills and experiences will boost your application? This series of panels will discuss a broad range of topics related to a career in academia including giving a job talk, writing CVs for academic positions, women in academia and more.

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Next offering: Please refer to the calendar. Event usually occurs in October.

Graduate Career Month

Interested in a career outside of academia? Not sure what is available in your field of interest? Panel discussions and workshops will be hosted over the course of the month on topics such as pharma careers, making a career transition for Post-Docs, think tanks, how to build a career in international cooperation and much more.

Next offering: Please refer to the calendar. Usually occurs in the winter semester.

CaPS One Stop Shop: Everything You Need to Get Your Job Search Started (Mac Campus Only)

Starting to look for your next steps following graduate school? Not sure where to begin? This intensive and interactive workshop will give you all of the tools you need to start your job search for a career outside academia. Topics include networking, cover letter and CV writing and giving a good interview.

Next offering: Please refer to the calendar.

CaPS Module 1: What to Do With a Degree in Anything

Wonder what you can apply your degree to following graduation? This workshop will showcase a wide variety of industries, sectors and job roles for any degrees. Sessions are split based on Masters, PhD or Post-Doctoral degree.

Next offering: Please refer to the calendar.

CaPS Module 2: What to Say After "Hello"?: Networking for Introverts

Heard that networking is an essential tool to any job search but not sure how to break the ice? This workshop will take you through the essentials of networking during your job search process and teach you how these skills will benefit your job hunt.

Next offering: Please refer to the calendar.

CaPS Module 3: Effective Job Applications for Careers Outside Academia

Looking to leave academina following graduation? Unsure of what to include on your CV or resume from your graduate degree? This practical workshop will focus on what you should and should not include in a cover letter and CV that is tailored for a non-academic career

Next offering: Please refer to the calendar.

CaPS Module 4: Interviewing Theory

What is the secret to a good interview? Are there ways in which you can better prepare? This workshop will discuss the keys to success in a job interview from preparation, what to do during the interview to following-up post-interview.

Next offering: Please refer to the calendar.

Worldwide Careers Week

Thinking about going abroad following your graduate degree? Unsure of what organizations you can apply to and what the process is? This week of panel discussions will showcase some of the international careers available and the requirements for them. Topics include living and working overseas, US working visas, teaching English overseas, worldwide organizations day, and much more.

Next offering: Please refer to the calendar.


Interested in teaching CEGEP? Wondering how you can get your foot in the door? This panel discussion will highlight essentials for getting a job in a CEGEP including what employers seek, how teachers are evaluated and the interview process. Hear first-hand advice from CEGEP recruiters, professors and administrators.

Next offering: Please refer to the calendar.

CaPS Career Fairs

Throughout the year CaPS offers a wide-range of career fairs that allow you to meet with potential employers in diverse fields. Examples of topics for career fairs include:

  • Management
  • Engineering and technology
  • Social work
  • Public service
  • Education
  • Environment

Next offering: Please refer to the calendar or visit the CaPS website for more information.

Green Careers Week

Want to have a career that focuses on the environment and/or sustainability? This week of panels will showcase what jobs are available in the green careers sector and give you the opportunity to meet with professionals from diverse careers and organizations that are focused on the environment. 

Next offering: Please refer to the calendar.

Emotional Intelligence: Why is it so important and why do you need to develop it?

Research in social psychology has revealed that the smartest people are also the most successful and the most fulfilled in life. Intellectual intelligence (IQ) isn’t sufficient on its own to become successful in life. IQ can help you get into the best university but EQ, will enable you to better manage stress and emotions during exam periods. Therefore, a higher EQ will lead to improvements in your performance at work (i.e. stand out as a strong candidate during a job interview), your physical and mental health (i.e. reducing the likelihood of serious health and mental health problems), and your personal relationships (i.e. to better manage your emotions and to avoid mood swings which can be detrimental to forging significant relationships). By understanding your emotions and how to control them, you will be better able to adequately express how you feel and also understand how others are feeling. EQ will allow you to become a more efficient communicator and hence, to develop stronger relationships, both at work as well as in your personal life.

Next offering: Please refer to the calendar.

Looking for a Job Outside of Academia?

• Are you graduating soon and don’t know how your humanities degree will help you get a good job?
• Do you have and MA/PhD in social sciences, arts, or humanities, but realize what you really want is a business career?

Come learn from someone who has been there and who found answers to these questions. 

Michel Gagnon holds an MA in History from McGill. He has worked as a research analyst in a think-tank, taught Canadian history in China, worked in public affairs and communications and is now Senior Analyst, Strategy and International Business Development at Bombardier Aerospace. 

You will learn to:
• clearly identify your strengths and the competencies that employers want.
• package and spin your experience and skills to be the perfect fit for the job.
• spot the best career opportunities for you based on your degree, interests and values.

Next offering: Please refer to the calendar.

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