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Be sure to check our calendar for upcoming workshop dates. Most workshops last from 1-3 hours except where otherwise indicated.

Applying for Your Tri-Council Award: Webinars for NSERC, CIHR and SSHRC

Need help with your fellowship application? Wondering how students who got the award approached the writing process? These agency-specfic webinars will discuss the guidelines required for applications, and give tips on how to excel at writing your research proposal and asking for reference letters.

Next offering: Please refer to the calendar. Offered in September of each year.

Would You Fund It?: Fellowship Consultation Session 

The Would You Fund It? fellowship consultation session is a new layer of application review open to graduate and undergraduate students who are applying for external funding. Students will have the opportunity to have their two-page project summary reviewed by a former Tri-council or Quebec committee reviewer in a 20 minute appointment. The reviewer will scan the document and provide feedback on the structure, relevance, and language accuracy with suggestions on how to improve the draft.

Registration instructions: Log in to myFuture, click 'Events', search keyword 'skillsets', choose your tri-council agency and session date. For each Prof, there are available timeslots in a drop-down menu on the right. Select a timeslot and click RSVP. If there are no times available for Prof A, please try Prof B or Prof C, etc. for your tri-council and/or select an alternative date (3 available).

Length: 20 minute sessions by appointment only
Next offering: Please refer to the calendar. Offered in September of each year.

IMPORTANT: There are no fees associated with SKILLSETS workshops. However, space is limited and your registration is a commitment to attend the session. If you cannot attend a workshop you registered for, make sure to cancel at least 48h in advance, otherwise a $25 NoShow Fee will be charged to your McGill student account. Exceptions will only be made for students in the case of emergencies or “extenuating circumstances”.

myCourses workshop for TAs

Are you a teaching assistant this semester? Come to a workshop on myCourses and learn more about using tools like content, discussions, grade book, assignments , quizzes, etc

(Cap at 20 participants)

myResearch Graduate Seminar Series Module 1: EndNote Essentials

Frustrated with trying to organize all of your references when writing a paper? Join McGill Libraries for a session that will teach you how to better manage and track your sources and cite properly and efficiently using the EndNote program.

Next offering: Please refer to the calendar.

myResearch Graduate Seminar Series Module 2: Graduate Research Tool Kit

What tools are available to assist you with your graduate research? This session, hosted byMcGill Libraries, will teach you how to turn your ideas into search strategies, make the most of what the library can offer you, and effectively use the information you obtain in research to refine your topic.

Next offering: Please refer to the calendar.

myResearch Graduate Seminar Series Module 3: Search Strategies & Techniques

Are you using the best databases to conduct your research? Could your search strategies be more efficient? This workshop will help you maximize your resource gathering during the research process by showing you how to use both general and discipline-specific research tools.

Next offering: Please refer to the calendar.

Practical Computer Programming for Science Graduate Students

Do you have difficulty understanding and using code? Unsure of what computer-based statistical tools are available? This workshop will discuss genera practices involved in programming in science as well as speciic languages such as Python.

Next offering: Please refer to the calendar.


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