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Be sure to check out our calendar for upcoming workshop dates. Most workshops last from 1-3 hours except where otherwise indicated.

Mastering the Music Masterclass

What are the important elements of a masterclass? How can I best prepare? Using activities and discussion, this workshop will walk you through many aspects of the masterclass including preparation and interaction with your audience that can be applied in a variety of settings.

Next offering: Please refer to the calendar.

Teaching Portfolio

How do you effectively translate your teaching skills and experiences onto paper? What is important to include in your teaching portfolio when applying for a teaching job? This workshop wil show you how to best document your teaching experiences in Graduate School and effectively communicate the skills you have acquired to a hiring committee.

Next offering: Please refer to the calendar.

Teaching Music to Children

Are there best practices when teaching music to children? How do you go about finding students? This workshop, designed for Graduate Students in music, will discuss best practices for giving private music lessons to children.

Next offering: Please refer to the calendar.

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Skillsets: Unlock your potential

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