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MLIS research-based courses

Three independent studies courses can be part of the MLIS profile: GLIS 689 Selected Topics (3 credits), GLIS 647 Independent Study (6 credits), and GLIS 646 Research Project (12 credits).

See the "application & outline" documents below for detailed information about course content and structure.



GLIS 646 Prerequisites: GLIS 611 & permission of advisor, supervisor, & Program Director

GLIS 647 Prerequisites: GLIS 611 & permission of advisor, supervisor, & Program Director

GLIS 689 Prerequisites: Permission of advisor, supervisor, & Program Director



These courses must first be discussed with the student's academic advisor after which a suitable supervisor for the course must be found by the student. Subsequently, a proposal is written up using the appropriate application form below and reviewed by the supervisor. Feedback is given and a revised version is submitted to the supervisor. If the final proposal is approved, the student may register for the course. See deadlines and process below.


ActionWinter TermSpring/Summer TermsFall Term
Student's initial complete draft proposal submission to supervisor & School with advisor approval & ethics requirements* November 1 April 1 June 1
Reviewer's comments to student November 15 April 15 June 15
Student's final submission to supervisor November 30 April 30 June 30

* Important: This draft will already have been fully discussed with the potential supervisor prior to submission. Please see details below.



  1. Student locates a potential supervisor and fully discusses proposal:
    After discussion with advisor, the student locates a potential supervisor from the SIS faculty. The student works with the supervisor on a proposal draft using the appropriate application form below prior to the deadline date for the first submission.
  2. Student obtains advisor approval & ethics requirements; initial complete draft submission:
    Student obtains advisor's signature on the application form to indicate their approval; alternately, an email from the advisor indicating approval can be used. Ethics certificate requirement must also be noted on this first submission.
    An electronic copy of the draft proposal is submitted both to the supervisor and Kathryn Hubbard, the SIS Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator, along with the proposal application form. This draft, submitted by the deadline date indicated above, could still need some refinement, but should be in ready for final review for acceptance.
  3. Reviewer's comments to student:
    Supervisor conveys proposal changes (if necessary) to student. Student revises.
  4. Student's final submission to Supervisor:
    Student submits final version to supervisor. The supervisor will communicate with the student regarding the final approval/no approval decision. In the case of approval, the SIS Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator will code the course on Minerva for the student and inform the student when they can register.