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MLIS course registration

The following page provides a quick guide for the MLIS course registration process. For comprehensive information and procedures, consult the McGill Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies Registration page.

Course selection & registration

  • Make an initial course selection based on the specialization-specific course pages and the MLIS timetables.
  • Confirm your selected courses with your advisor and email Kathryn Hubbard (at the general SIS email address - sis [at] mcgill [dot] ca (sis-at-mcgill-dot-ca)) for final approval and coding in the registration system.
  • After you have received confirmation from Kathryn, register via Minerva, McGill's self-service administrative system.

"REGN" code

The "REGN" registration confirmation code is a required administrative code to confirm registration for McGill graduate students. Registration in Minerva of the REGN registration confirmation course is mandatory for all graduate students each term.

Notes: Advisor approval is not required prior to REGN registration. There is no charge associated with registering for the REGN.


Registration dates and deadlines are found on the SIS Important Dates page. To avoid late registration fees, register for at least one course via Minerva before the normal registration period ends. If you will be attending SIS but have not yet selected or received approval for courses, register for the REGN course before the start of the term to confirm you are a student in that term. After advisor approval of selected courses, you can register for additional courses any time up to the deadline for add/drops. 


If you are experiencing problems with registration, please contact Kathryn Hubbard, SIS Administrative & Student Affairs Coordinator.