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PhD Web Profile Submission Form

Current School of Information Studies PhD students - use this form to submit or update PhD website profile information for the SIS PhD students page.

The aim of the PhD profiles is to provide a brief, current summary of SIS PhD students and their research areas with optional links to additional information. All PhD students are expected to have a profile listing. Questions? Please contact the PhD Program Director, France Bouthillier.


NOTE: If using the form for updates to existing profiles, note "No change" or similar note for required fields with no updates needed.

Include academic post-secondary education here, including degrees and academic certificates/diplomas. E.g. "BA (Philosophy), Université de Montréal; Graduate Certificate (Business Administration), Concordia University; MLIS, McGill University"
Paragraph style or list style. 50 words maximum. E.g. "Organizational Memory (OM) Systems, Communities of Practice, Knowledge Management, Knowledge Continuity."
Note: The SIS PhD profiles include McGill email addresses only. If you wish to include additional contact information and/or links, please attach an academic CV (see below).
Although this element is optional, the School highly recommends all current PhD students to submit a profile picture the accompany their profile. See current PhD profile page for examples. Guidelines: Headshot suitable in tone for an academic website. By submitting an image, you grant permission to the School for the photo's use.
Submit as PDF file. lf submitting a file, you commit to updating your CV annually.
Additional CV files, e.g. French version.

Thank you for keeping your PhD profile information up to date!