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Karyn Moffatt

Professor Karyn Moffatt


Assistant Professor


Research website

Research lab: Accessible Computing Technology (ACT) Research Group Lab


Abridged Curriculum Vitae


PhD (Computer Science), University of British Columbia
MSc (Computer Science), University of British Columbia
BASc (Computer Engineering), University of British Columbia

Teaching & supervision


PhD supervision


Research interests

My research is in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), with a particular focus on:

  • Accessibility of computer systems
  • Interactive technologies for older users and individuals with disabilities
  • Computer-mediated communication within families and across generations

Selected research activities

2012–2017 Socially-informed accessible technology: Improving access to technology, information, and people, funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada               Discovery Grant program (Principle Investigator)
2012–2014 Avancement de l’informatique accessible par la prise en compte de son utilisation en situation réelle, funded by the Fonds québécoise de la recherche sur la nature et les technologies établissement de nouveaux chercheurs program (Principle Investigator)
2011–2013 Understanding the communication needs of the family and friends of patients in hospice, currently funded by the GRAND Network of Centres of Excellence (as a Collaborating Network Investigator)

Selected publications & presentations

Moffatt K., David, J., and Baecker, R. M. (2012). Connecting Grandparents and Grandchildren. Chapter 10 in C. Neustaedter, S. Harrison, and A. Sellen (Eds.), Connecting Families: The Impact of New Communication Technologies on Domestic Life (pp. 173-193). London: Springer.

Baecker, R. M., Moffatt, K., and Massimi, M. (2012). Technologies for aging gracefully. Interactions, 19(3), pp. 32-36.

Demmans Epp, C., Djordjevic, J., Wu, S., Moffatt, K., and Baecker, R.M. (2012). Towards providing just-in-time vocabulary support for assistive and augmentative communication. In IUI'12: Proceedings of the International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces, 33-36.

Shim, N., Baecker, R., Birnholtz, J., and Moffatt, K. (2010). TableTalk Poker: An online social gaming environment for seniors. In FuturePlay'10: Proceedings of the 2010 Conference on Future Play, 98-104.

Moffatt, K., and McGrenere, J. (2010). Steadied-Bubbles: Combining techniques to address pen-based pointing errors for younger and older adults. In CHI'10: Proceedings of the 2010 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 1125-1134.

McGrenere, J., Bunt, A., Findlater, L., and Moffatt K. (2010). Generalization in human-computer interaction research. In M. Banich and D. Caccamise (Eds.), Generalization of Knowledge: Multidisciplinary Perspectives (pp. 277-295). New York: Psychology Press.

Moffatt, K., and McGrenere, J. (2009). Exploring methods to improve pen-based menu selection for younger and older adults. In Transactions on Accessible Computing, 2(1), pp. 3:1-3:32.

Findlater, L., Moffatt, K., McGrenere, J., and Dawson, J. (2009). Ephemeral adaptation: The use of gradual onset to improve menu selection performance. In CHI'09: Proceedings of the 2009 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 1655-1664. ACM CHI Best paper award.

Moffatt, K., Yuen, S., and McGrenere, J. (2008). Hover or tap? Supporting pen-based menu navigation for older adults. In ASSETS'08: Proceedings of the 10th International ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and Accessibility, 51-58.

Trewin, S., Keates, S., and Moffatt, K. (2008). In Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technologies, 3(1), pp. 2-21.