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Benjamin Fung

Professor Benjamin Fung

Associate Professor

ben [dot] fung [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Email)

Research website

Research lab: Data Mining & Security (DMaS) Lab


Abridged Curriculum Vitae



PhD (Computing Science), Simon Fraser University
MSc (Computing Science), Simon Fraser University
BSc (Computing Science), Simon Fraser University


P.Eng. (Software Engineering), Professional Engineers Ontario;
ACM Senior Member;
IEEE Senior Member


Current professional activities

  • Research Scientist, National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance Canada (NCFTA Canada)
  • Affiliate Associate Professor, Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering (CIISE), Concordia University

Teaching & supervision


PhD supervision


Research interests

  • Data mining and databases
  • Information security and privacy
  • Information sharing and integration
  • Cloud computing

Research applications

  • Health informatics
  • Crime investigation
  • Authorship analysis
  • Code clone detection
  • Passenger flow analysis
  • Building occupants' behaviour analysis
  • Cross-cultural study in fashion communication

Selected research activities

2013-2018 NSERC Discovery Grants: Privacy-Preserving Data Publishing for Health Data Mining (Principal investigator)
2013-2016 DND/NSERC Research Partnership Project (DNDPJ): Software Fingerprinting for Automated Malicious Code Analysis (Co-investigator)
2012-2015 DND/NSERC Research Partnership Project (DNDPJ)
2011-2014 FQRNT Team Research Project: Towards a Unified Approach to Detecting, Analyzing, Mitigating, and Investigating Botnets (Co-investigator)
2012-2013 Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC): Semantic Clone Search (Principal investigator)
2010-2013 NSERC Strategic Project Grants: Security and Privacy of User-Generated Data for Personalized Cloud Computing Services (Co-investigator)
2010-2013 NSERC Discovery Grants:  Privacy-Preserving RFID Systems for Data Analysis (Principal investigator)
2011-2012 Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC): Code Clone Search (Principal investigator)
2012 Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC): Centre for Security Science (CSS) - Public Security Technical Program (PSTP): Advanced Analytics and Darknet Space Analysis for Predictive Indicators of Cyber Threat Activity (Deputy study project manager)
2010-2012 FQRNT New Researcher Start-up Program: Privacy-Preserving Data Mining for Cybercrime Investigations (Principal investigator)
2011 Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC): Survey of Code Clone Detection (Principal investigator)
2010-2011 Concordia Seed Funding Program (Team): Data Mining Techniques for Cyber Security Response Systems (Principal investigator)
2009-2010 National Cyber-Forensics Training Alliance Canada (NCFTA Cda): Text Mining for Cybercrime Investigation and Detection (Principal investigator)
2008-2009 Concordia Seed Funding Program (Individual): Techniques for Combating and Mitigating Online Identity Theft (Co-investigator)
2007-2009 Concordia ENCS Faculty Start-up Funds: Privacy-Preserving RFID Systems for Data Analysis (Principal investigator)

Selected publications

Dr. Benjamin Fung's publications