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The following resources are for new and current SIS course lecturers.


Instructor guidelines

The Faculty of Education Instructor Guidelines 2013-2014 [.pdf] handbook is the key reference for both new and seasoned instructors. This handbook replaces the previous SIS Instructor Guidelines Handbook. Please note: SIS-specific processes and key reminders are included on this page - be sure to read these in addition to the Faculty handbook.

New instructors - All new instructors are expected to carefully review the handbook prior to teaching at the School.
Seasoned instructors - Please review the handbook annually to stay abreast of changes and developments in processes, policies, and resources.


Instructional support

The McGill TLS site is McGill's main hub for instructional information, resources, and support, including: policies & guidelines, course design, course evaluations, workshops & events, & FAQs.


Academic integrity



Syllabi Statements
All McGill instructors must include required McGill syllabi policy statements in official syllabi. Instructions are here: TLS Course Outline Guide.

Reference Copies of Syllabi for Web
The School requests instructors to provide reference copies of syllabi for web posting prior to each semester, as applicable. Reference syllabi help prospective and current students with course selection, among other uses.

Although some instructors may prefer to release a full outline for posting, these do not need to be full outlines, but may be truncated or summarized in the manner preferred by the instructor. These outlines are for unofficial, reference purposes; official syllabi are available in MyCourses to students registered in specific classes.

Before submitting, instructors should be aware of the release information found in the SIS Website Guidelines for Posting Web Syllabi document, located on the Forms, Guidelines, & Policies page.


SIS processes & reminders

  • Course Duration and Exams

    Classes normally meet for 3 hours/week throughout the semester, as determined by the length of the semester). In both the Fall and Winter semesters, there is a one-week study break.  If a final examination is to be held, this should take place in the week following the 12th class.  If you are having a mid-term or final exam, please inform the SIS Administrative Coordinator by week 2 of your class so that arrangements for invigilation can be made.

  • Class Tests/Mid-Terms

    Class tests should be scheduled during regular class time. Instructors should avoid scheduling tests on religious holidays.  See the following site for dates.

    Times or dates of tests should not be announced or changed after the end of the add/drop period.  Examination booklets for exams should be requested from the SIS Administrative Coordinator.

  • Final Exam

    (See important dates for examination period.)

    Item #2 – Senate Regulations:

    Written examinations (including take-home examinations) shall not be held during the last two weeks of scheduled classes during the fall and winter terms, except where a pattern of continuous evaluation has been established, in which case the total value of examinations given in this period shall comprise no more than 10% of the final mark.

    Item #3

    If the written examinations in a course constitute 50% or more of the final mark, one of these shall be given as a final written examination; and it shall take place during the examination period after the last day of scheduled lectures in December or April.

    Final examinations, including take-home examinations and examinations invigilated in the School must be scheduled during the final examination period in order to avoid conflicts with students’ examinations in other courses. Formal final examinations must have a minimum weight of 25%. The duration of formal final examinations is three hours. A McGill ID card with photo is required for admission to all final examinations.

    Instructors should inform Cathy Venetico by week 2 of the term, regarding mid-term and final examinations in their courses, so that invigilators can be found. 

  • Grade Changes

    The Mark Submission/Change form is used to submit mark changes, such as the grade following a K grade. The reason for the mark change must be clearly stated. You can get information about this form from Kathryn Hubbard, the Administrative & Student Affairs Coordinator. See note above for deadlines.



  • Disciplinary Issues or Problems

    Instructors who encounter disciplinary issues, plagiarism allegations, or other problems should first consult with the School of Information Studies Master's Graduate Program Director (GPD) for advice and appropriate procedures. After discussion with the GPD, problems involving McGill graduate students that cannot be resolved at the School level are referred to the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Office.

  • Questions
    The School of Information Studies Director can be consulted for clarification of any points concerning your role and responsibilities as an instructor.



See the IT page for technology-related information.

Please note:  A laptop must be brought to the classroom as there are no computers in the classes. If you do not want to bring your own laptop to class, Netbook loaners are available from the School, and will be made available to you for the duration of the term in which you are teaching.


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