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Admissions FAQ

The following page contains answers to commonly-asked questions about admissions. Visit the main Programs & Courses page for links to full admissions information for each program.


Q. What are the deadlines for application?

  • Application deadlines are available here. All supporting documentation should be submitted by this date. Be sure to begin your online McGill Application for Admission early to allow time for the uploading of documentation and references.


MISt application

Q. Can I still apply for the Master of Library & Information Studies (MLIS) program?

  • No. Admissions for the MLIS program are now permanently closed. Students applying for the Masters program at the School of Information Studies will apply for the new Master of Information Studies (MISt) program.

Q. Do I need to indicate a supervisor and research area in the online McGill Application for Admission form?

  • As the MISt is a non-thesis program, the supervisor field is to be left blank; students planning to undertake research will identify potential research supervisors only after program entry. Optional: applicants may include their specific research interest(s) in the Application for Admissions form.

Q. Do I need to provide a separate CV?

  • Yes. As space is limited in the applicant statement area in the online form, we require that you upload a complete curriculum vitae (resumĂ©) and letter of intent separately in Minerva. Note:  If you have any questions or difficulties, feel free to contact us directly.

Q. Can I transfer courses from another institution?

  • In general, students may not count credits for courses taken toward another degree as credits towards the MISt degree.

    In special cases, credit for appropriate courses previously taken outside the School at another ALA-accredited Masters program in the area of library and information studies may be transferred to the MISt program, but only with the approval of the Director, and only if negotiated at the time of admission to the program.

    As a rule, no more than one-third of the McGill program course work (not thesis or project) can be credited with courses from another university.

    Transfer credits must be approved by Dr. Jamshid Beheshti, MISt Program Director. Requests for transfer credits will only be considered at the time of admission to the MISt program.


Documentation & references

Q. How do I submit documentation?

  • As of October 2012, McGill University requires that ALL SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION must be submitted online. For detailed instructions on how to apply and how to upload required supporting documents, please see Preparing to Apply and Submitting your Documents

Q. How do I submit references?

  • In the new system, applicants will be providing referee information, including mandatory email institutional or organizational email addresses for referees. The referees specified on the applications will begin receive email requests to upload letters of recommendation to the system. Letters of reference can no longer be submitted directly to the School by mail or email; all references must now be uploaded to Minerva following the stated procedures.



Q. Do I need to submit a transcript if I have a course in progress?

  • Yes. If you are currently enrolled in courses and your transcript does not yet include the current semester's grades, you are still required to upload unofficial transcripts by the application deadline to prove registration in these courses.


Advising & contacts

Q. Who do I contact with questions?

  • If you still have questions after reviewing the website, please contact us.