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Director's message

Dr. France BouthillierWelcome to the field of information studies!‎

As the Director of the School of Information Studies, I welcome your interest in our discipline. ‎

Information studies concerns itself with the theories, principles and practices required to identify, select, acquire, organize, store, preserve, retrieve and disseminate information and knowledge.

With the increasing production of information and the pervasive use of information technology, more than ever, we need to better understand the role of information at the individual, social, and organizational level. This is why we need professionals who can examine and manage the processes, services, and systems to ensure adequate access to information and knowledge. We also need scholars who can generate new knowledge about information-related phenomena. If you are interested in understanding how information and knowledge are created, collected, structured, retrieved, used, managed, and preserved in different environments with various technologies, at different periods of time, our School has a lot to offer.

Our students have diverse educational backgrounds: psychology, history, education, computer science, chemistry, biology, music, management, economics, political science, anthropology, and so on. Our graduates embark on lifelong careers as librarians, archivists, knowledge managers, web system designers, database vendors, information specialists, information system developers, or competitive intelligence analysts, to name just some professional titles, in many different environments such as libraries, corporations, government agencies, educational institutions, information technology companies or non-profit organizations. Their contribution is valued and recognized as critical in creating and reshaping people’s interactions with information and knowledge resources.‎

The emergence of the information age has created a greater need for expertise in information and knowledge access. If you want to empower people in their use of information, knowledge resources and related technologies, please let’s talk about your career.‎

I look forward to hearing from you!‎

France Bouthillier