For Site Editors

New editors - welcome to our site. This page walks you through the editing registration & training process & lets you know how the Site Manager can help your group with advanced page options.

Who edits the site?

Student groups edit their pages through a designated Site Editor. General pages not belonging to a particular group (e.g. Home, About, SIS Wiki) are edited by the Site Manager (MISSA Communications Officer). Student groups: if you are having any trouble editing, contact the Site Manager for assistance.

How do we get Site Editor access?

Groups - after you have selected your site editor, the editor-to-be will:

  • Select a WMS 300 course day and time. WMS 300 is a mandatory basic training course required by McGill for all site editors.
  • Submit the SIS Student Group Site Editors Request Form. A SIS staff member will be in touch to guide you through the rest of the process. 

If at any point along the way you run into difficulties, please let the MISSA Communications Officer (ie SIS Student Association Site Manager) know. They will do their best to help to facilitate this process.

How to reduce breaks in web editing access

NEW! Groups are strongly encouraged to register their incoming communications officer (or other temporary designate if the communications officer is not yet elected) for training and access in the early Spring of each year. This will assist with knowledge transfer and reduce web editing access breaks for student groups over summer and fall months,

What can Site Editors do?

Site Editors have the ability/responsibility to:

  • View/edit the content of pages and text for the page areas they have access to.
  • Add pictures, thumbnails, and documents to pages.
  • Add links to other internal or external sites.

We need more done to our page!

As Site Manager, the MISSA Communications Officer is granted administrative-level access to the site structure. The Site Manager will work on your behalf to:

  • Create, move, and delete pages
  • Create and position "blocks" within the site.
  • Upload content elements not covered by editor access.
  • Manage/modify content elements & their settings.

Editor resources