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Qualification for Senate Membership

Qualification for Senate Membership

For Election to Senate as an Academic Staff Member:

A full member of the University academic staff, insofar as these terms relate to election to Senate, is one who holds a full-time appointment in the University as a faculty lecturer, a University lecturer, an assistant professor, an associate professor or a full professor. The term "full-time appointment" should embrace the medical variant, "geographical full-time."

Source: Senate Minute 3, September 10, 1969
Amendment: Senate Minute 162, May 27, 1970

The electorate to be all professors, associate professors, assistant professors, and full-time faculty lecturers appointed to the faculty by the Board of Governors, or otherwise authorized by the faculty concerned.

Source: Statutes, Article 6.1.1

Whenever a member of Senate will be on leave from the University for a period longer than three months, or will be unable to attend Senate for a period of the same length, the Senate seat shall be declared vacant and the competent body shall elect a successor for a full term of office.

Source: Senate Minute 1, May 7, 1997

For Service on Senate as a Student Member:

The eligibility of students for membership on Senate at the time of their nomination or election, and while holding office is determined by the following conditions:

  • They are registered as graduate or undergraduate students in a degree or diploma program of the University and are taking not less than three year-long courses or eighteen credits or their equivalent; or,
  • They are registered as postdoctoral scholars or medical residents; or,
  • They are members of the executives of the Students' Society of McGill University or of the Macdonald Campus Students' Society, and are registered students of the University; or,
  • They are registered in the Centre for Continuing Education.
  • Non-resident students and full-time members of the teaching staff are ineligible.

Suspension under the Student Disciplinary Code shall render a student ineligible for office where such suspension is of all University privileges and is in force at the time of nomination or election. Such suspension during a term of office shall render a student member of the Senate ineligible to sit on Senate or its committees so long as the suspension lasts.

Source: Statutes, Article 6.1.1

For Election to Senate as a Librarian Member:

The electorate to be all librarians performing the function of librarian in the University's library system.

Source: Statutes, Article 6.1.1

For Election to Senate as a Non-Unionized Administrative and Support Staff Member:

The electorate shall be regular, non-unionized administrative and support staff.

The three constituencies are as follows:

Group 1: The Faculties of Arts, Education, Law, Management, Music, and Religious Studies; Centre for Continuing Education; and non-faculty administrative and support services reporting to the Provost, the Vice-Principal (Research), the Principal, and the Secretary-General.

Group 2: The Faculties of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Dentistry, Engineering, Medicine, and Science; the University Libraries, and non-faculty administrative and support services reporting to the Deputy Provost.

Group 3: Non-faculty administrative and support services reporting to the Vice-Principals (Administration and Finance) and (Development and Alumni Relations).

Source: Final Report of the Tripartite Committee,
Senate Minute 133, May 30, 1990
Amendment: Senate Minute 2, April 1, 1998
Senate Minute 7, May 10, 2000
Senate Minute 5, January 16, 2002
Board Minute 8, September 29, 2003