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standing rules

Parts XXI - XXIV

XXI. Records:

The minutes of meetings prepared by the Secretary and approved by Senate, together with all documents circulated or tabled, would constitute the official record.

Parts XI - XV

XI. Voting:

Voting on motions and resolutions shall be by a show of hands; unless by a majority vote upon a motion or the suggestion of the chair, the members present decide in any particular case that the vote should be taken by ballot.

XII. Reconsideration:

A motion to reconsider any decision previously taken and recorded by a vote upon a motion or a resolution may be presented only subject to the following conditions:

Parts VI - X

VI. Order of Business:

The Agenda, together with all related documents, should be distributed to senators, and also be placed in a number of public repositories where they could be examined by interested members of the University. The Agenda and documents should be circulated at least five days in advance of the meeting.

The order of business at regular meetings shall be as follows:

Parts I - V

I. Enacting Clause:

The proceedings of Senate are governed by the Statutes of McGill University (as enacted in 1939, and re-enacted or amended by the Board of Governors from time to time) insofar as they are applicable; in particular, with reference to the following:

Parts XVI - XX

XVI. Duration and Frequency of Interventions:

Members of Senate, in making motions, shall be permitted up to eight minutes to speak. The seconder of the motion, all other speakers on the motion, and members making amendments and sub-amendments shall be permitted up to four minutes of speaking time. Seconders and speakers to amendments and sub-amendments shall be permitted up to two minutes of speaking time.