Statutory Selection Committees

Excerpt from the McGill University Statutes:
3.4.3 Before recommending an appointment to the rank of full professor or full librarian, the Principal must first have consulted a committee consisting of two governors selected by the Chair of the Board, two vice-principals, the dean of any faculty in which the appointment is to be made, or, in the case of appointment to the rank of full librarian, the Director of Libraries, and two members selected by the Senate; and such other members as the Principal may see fit.

Senate Slates for SSCs

(Appointments to the Senate Slates are for 3-years; terms end August 31st of the years indicated below)


Roger Prichard (Parasitology, FAES)
Michael Ngadi (Bioresource Engineering, FAES)
Hans Beck (History and Classical Studies, ARTS)
Lisa Travis (Linguistics, ARTS)
Jonathan Sterne (Art History and Communication Studies, ARTS)
Arvind Sharma (School of Religious Studies, ARTS)
Jocelyne Feine (DENTISTRY)
Jake Barralet (DENTISTRY)
Jeffrey Derevensky (Educational and Counselling Psychology, EDUCATION)
Ross Andersen (Kinesiology and Physical Education, EDUCATION)
Inna Sharf (Mechanical Engineering, ENGINEERING)
Jon Webb (Electrical and Computer Engineering, ENGINEERING)
Richard Shearmur (Urban Planning, ENGINEERING)
Colleen Sheppard (LAW)
Vihang Errunza (MANAGEMENT)
Jean-Pierre Routy (MEDICINE)
Silvia Vidal (MEDICINE)
Brian Cherney (Music Research, MUSIC)
Stephen McAdams (Music Research, MUSIC)
John Gyakum (Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, SCIENCE)
Laurie Hendren (Computer Science, SCIENCE)


Hosahalli Ramaswamy (Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry, FAES)
Luis Agellon (Dietetics and Human Nutrition, FAES)
Grace Fong (East Asian Studies, ARTS)
T.V. Paul (Political Science, ARTS)
Dietlind Stolle (Political Science, ARTS)
Francisco Ruge-Murcia (Economics, ARTS)
Jacob Burack (Educational and Counselling Psychology, EDUCATION)
Susanne Lajoie (Educational and Counselling Psychology, EDUCATION)
Russell Hepple (Kinesiology and Physical Education, EDUCATION)
Alberto Perez-Gomez (Architecture, ENGINEERING)
Patrick Selvadurai (Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics, ENGINEERING)
Ferri Hassani (Mining and Materials Engineering, ENGINEERING)
Ronald Niezen (LAW)
Reuven Brenner (MANAGEMENT)
Laurette Dubé (MANAGEMENT)
Shanling Li (MANAGEMENT)
Henry Mintzberg (MANAGEMENT)
Terence Coderre (MEDICINE)
Christo Tchervenkov (MEDICINE)
Jay Kaufman (MEDICINE)
Chantal Autexier (MEDICINE)
Marina Klein (MEDICINE)
William Caplin (Music Research, MUSIC)
John Rea (Music Research, MUSIC)
Kevin Dean (Performance, MUSIC)
Felicia Moye (Performance, MUSIC)
Eyal Goren (Mathematics and Statistics, SCIENCE)
Charles Gale (Physics, SCIENCE)
Tim Moore (Geography, SCIENCE)


Linda Wykes (Dietetics and Human Nutrition, FAES) – 2019
Varoujan Yaylayan (Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry, FAES) – 2019
Marilyn Scott (Parasitology, FAES) – 2019
Marc McKee (DENTISTRY) – 2019
Nancy Heath (Educational and Counselling Psychology, EDUCATION) – 2019
Roy Lyster (Integrated Studies in Education, EDUCATION) – 2019
Claudia Mitchell (Integrated Studies in Education, EDUCATION) – 2019
Annmarie Adams (Architecture, ENGINEERING and Social Studies of Medicine, MEDICINE) – 2019
Marco Amabili (Mechanical Engineering, ENGINEERING) – 2019
Richard Gold (LAW) – 2019
Catherine Walsh (LAW) – 2019
Andrew Mouland (Department of Medicine, MEDICINE) – 2019
Pierre Pluye (Family Medicine, MEDICINE) – 2019
Kyoko Hashimoto (Performance, MUSIC) – 2019
Marcelo Wanderley (Music Research, MUSIC) – 2019
Lauren Chapman (Biology, SCIENCE) – 2019
Nancy Ross (Geography, SCIENCE) – 2019
Hanadi Sleiman (Chemistry, SCIENCE) – 2019

2020  (*Term begins September 1, 2017)

Joann Whalen (Natural Resource Sciences, FAES) - 2020
Isabelle Daunais (French Language & Literature, ARTS) - 2020
John Zucchi (History and Classical Studies, ARTS) - 2020
Karin Bauer (Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, ARTS) - 2020
Allan Hepburn (English, ARTS) - 2020
Luda Diatchenko (DENTISTRY) - 2020
Maryam Tabrizian (DENTISTRY) - 2020
Jeffrey Derevensky (Educational and Counselling Psychology, EDUCATION) -2020
Ross Andersen (Kinesiology and Physical Education, EDUCATION) -2020
Ratna Ghosh (Integrated Studies in Education, EDUCATION) - 2020
Nathalie Tufenkji (Chemical Engineering, ENGINEERING) - 2020
Warren Gross (Electrical & Computer Engineering, ENGINEERING) - 2020
Sasha Omanovic (Chemical Engineering, ENGINEERING) - 2020
Johanne Poirier (LAW) -2020
Robert David (MANAGEMENT) -2020
Anthony Masi (MANAGEMENT) -2020
Alain Pinsonneault (MANAGEMENT) -2020
Nancy Adler (MANAGEMENT) -2020
Mary Stevenson (Microbiology and Immunology, MEDICINE) -2020
Lucy Gilbert (Obstetrics and Gynecology, MEDICINE) - 2020
Wieslaw Woszczyk (Music Research, MUSIC) - 2020
David Brackett (Music Research, MUSIC) - 2020 
Bruce Shepherd (Mathematics and Statistics, SCIENCE) - 2020
Ashok Kakkar (Chemistry, SCIENCE) - 2020