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Committee on Student Services

Terms of Reference

The Committee on Student Services (CSS) is a Standing Committee of Senate that advises the Executive Director, Services for Students, on the objectives and priorities relating to Student Services and that receives and reviews reports regarding Student Services.

Specific Areas of Responsibility

The Committee shall:

  1. Formulate broad policies with regard to student services including short, medium and long-term planning;
  2. Review initiatives to enhance the quality of Student Services;
  3. Advise the Executive Director of Services for Students on budgetary priorities;
  4. Receive Annual Reports from Services' Advisory Boards early in the Winter term;
  5. Receive Annual Reports from the Directors of Services in the fall term;
  6. Meet at least four times during the academic year and report annually to Senate.


Deputy Provost (Student Life and Learning)
Executive Director, Services for Students
Associate Dean (Student Affairs) Macdonald Campus
Two Directors of Student Services
Two Associate Deans (Student Affairs) or equivalent
Three representatives of Senate (appointed by Senate on the recommendation of Senate Nominating Committee)
Three graduate students
Two undergraduate students
One student representative of Macdonald Campus
Four undergraduate students representing undergraduate Student Societies (three of which shall be from Arts, Science, Engineering, Management or Education)
Committee Secretary

Upon the recommendation of Nominating Committee, Senate shall designate one of the Associate Deans or Representatives of Senate as a co-chair; the members of the Committee on Student Services shall select the other co-chair from among its student members.

Resource persons with voice, but no vote: 

  • Manager, Finance and Systems, Office of the Executive Director, Services for Students
  • Manager - Student Assessment, Student Services


Source: Senate Minute 6, September 12, 1973
Amendment: Senate Minute 11, September 30, 1987
Senate Minute 12, December 1, 2004
Senate Minute 12, November 16, 2005
Senate Minute 7, November 15, 2006
Senate Minute 8, May 23, 2007
Senate Minute, May 21, 2008
Senate Minute IIB4.2, May 20, 2009
Senate Minute IIB3, February 19, 2013

Membership (3-year renewable terms)

Deputy Provost (Student Life and Learning): Professor Ollivier Dyens

Executive Director of Services for Students: Mr. Richard Zereik (Interim)
Associate Dean (Student Affairs), Macdonald Campus: Professor Christopher Buddle (co-Chair)

Two Directors of Student Services:
Dr. Vera Romano
Mr. Ian Simmie

Two Associate Deans (Student Affairs and/or Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies) or equivalent:
Professor Gillian Lane-Mercier (Langue et littérature françaises, ARTS; Associate Dean, Academic Administration and Oversight) – 2017
Professor Tamara Western (Associate Dean (Academic), Faculty of Science) - 2018

Three Representatives appointed by Senate:
Professor Gregory Brown (Science) – 2016
Professor Dusica Maysinger – 2016
Professor Lucyna Lach - 2016

Three Graduate Students:
Brighta Lungu (Ph.D., Architecture)
Julia Nantes
Avik Ghoshdastidar

Two Undergraduate Students:
Chloe Rourke (BARSCI, Cognitive Science)
David Benrimoh (Medicine)

Macdonald Campus Student: Hannah Berman (Equity Commissioner, MCSS)

Four representatives of undergraduate Student Societies (three of whom shall be from Arts, Science, Engineering, Management, or Education):
Erin Sobat (Arts)
Muhammad Wali

Resource persons with voice, but no vote: 

Manager, Finance and Systems, Office of the Executive Director, Services for Students: Idun Liu
Manager - Student Assessment, Student Services: Lina Di Genova

Secretary: Ms. Linda Webb