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Committee on Student Discipline

Extract from the Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures:

The members of the Committee on Student Discipline (CSD) shall be appointed by Senate for staggered renewable three-year terms, with the exception of student members who shall be appointed on a one-year basis, renewable twice. All terms shall me effective September 1.

Membership shall consist of:

a Chair, selected from the academic staff;
b. a Vice-Chair, selected from the academic staff;
c. eight other members of the academic staff;
d. twelve students, five selected by the Students' Society of McGill University, three by the Post-Graduate Students' Society, two by the McGill Association of Continuing Education Students, and two by the Macdonald Campus Students' Society and approved by Senate;
e. two assessors, selected from the teaching staff of the Faculty of Law;
f. the Dean and Associate Dean of Students. 


Senate May 13, 1981 Minute 99
Senate February 26, 1986 Minute 58
Senate April 29, 1987 Minute 87
Senate May 30, 1990 Minute 129
Senate April 21, 1993 Minute 106
Senate October 20, 1993 Minute 36
Senate May 4, 1994 Minute 148
Senate December 7, 1994 Minute 48
Senate May 1, 1996 Minute 112
Senate May 7, 1997 Minute 6
Senate March 3, 1999 Minute 7
Senate March 13, 2002 Minutes 10, 11
Senate April 3, 2002 Minute 1
Senate April 2, 2003 Minute 12
Senate May 19, 2004 Minute 14
Senate April 13, 2005 Minute 10
Senate May 4, 2005 Minute 11
Senate May 25, 2005 Minute 16
Senate October 19, 2005 Minute 8
Senate December 6, 2006 Minute 11
Senate September 22, 2011 Minute IIB7
Senate April 17, 2013 Minute IIB3

[Please refer to the "Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures" for further details.]

Membership (3-year renewable terms)

The Dean of Students – Professor Andre Costopoulos
The Associate Dean of Students - Glenn Zabowski

Chair, Vice-Chair

  Professor Richard Leask (Chemical Engineering, ENGINEERING) - 2018 (Chair)
  Professor Fiona Benson (Education) – 2016 (Vice-Chair)

Eight other members of the academic staff:
  Professor Benjamin Simpson (Food Science, FAES) – 2016
  Professor Ingrid Sladeczek (Educational and Counseling Psychology, EDUCATION) – 2016
  Professor Jason Tanny (Pharmacology, Medicine) - 2016
  Professor Lyle White (Natural Resource Sciences, FAES) - 2016
  Professor Jocelyne Feine (DENTISTRY) - 2017
  Professor Emine Sarigöllü (MANAGEMENT) - 2017
  Professor David Ragsdale (Neurology, MEDICINE) - 2018
  Professor Antonia Arnaert (Nursing) - 2018

Two assessors, selected from the teaching staff of the Faculty of Law:
  Professor Ram Jakhu – 2016
  Professor Richard Janda

Five SSMU students:
  Allen Chen
  Marie-Liesse Hocquet
  Lillian Fradin
  Geoffrey Nicholson
  Marta Kolbuszewska

Three PGSS students:
  Bradley Por
  Karim Bouayad-Gervais
  Ashley Chin

Two Macdonald Campus:
  Anthea Pinto (MCSS VP Academic)
  Mathieu Rouleau

Continuing Studies:
  Rami M'Rad
  Negar Nowtash 

Secretary: Ms. Edith Breiner