Appeal Committee for Student Discipline and Grievances

Extract from the Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures

24. Appeal Committee

(a) The members of the Appeal Committee shall be appointed by Senate for staggered renewable three-year terms, with the exception of student members who shall be appointed on a one-year basis, renewable twice. All terms shall be effective 1 September. Membership shall consist of:
   i)   a Chair, selected from the academic staff;
   ii)  eight other members of the academic staff;
   iii) six students (three graduate and three undergraduate);
   iv)  A Legal Assessor shall be appointed as a non-voting member of the Committee. The Legal Assessors for the CSD and the Committee on Student Grievances shall in rotation act as Legal Assessors for the Appeal Committee. The Legal Assessor on an appeal shall in no instance be the same individual who served as a Legal Assessor on the original discipline hearing.

(b) As far as possible, members shall be drawn from different faculties.

(c) Committee members shall stay on past the end of their terms in order to complete a case where a hearing has begun or proceeded before then.

[Please refer to the "Code of Student Grievance Procedures" and to the "Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures" for further details.]

Membership (3-year renewable terms)

Professor Lisa Travis (Linguistics, ARTS) – 2019 (Chair)

Eight other academic staff:
  Professor Richard Hovey (Dentistry) - 2017
  Professor Sara Laimon (Music) - 2018
  Professor Nicole Ives (School of Social Work) - 2018
  Professor Ajjamada Kushalappa (Plant Science, FAES) - 2018
  Professor Sarah Woolley (Biology, SCIENCE) - 2018
  Professor Genevieve Bassellier (MANAGEMENT) - 2019
  Professor Marie Brossard-Racine (Physical and Occupational Therapy, MEDICINE) - 2019
  Professor Peter Caines (ENGINEERING) - 2019

Legal Assessors:
  Professor Frédéric Bachand (LAW) – 2018
  Marika Giles Samson - 2018

Three undergraduate student members:
  Chloe Rourke (Arts and Science)
Adelina Mladenova (Science)
Benjamin Brunot (Law)

Three graduate student members:
  Anoop Saxena 
  Alexandra Cooke
  Justin Leung

Secretary: Ms Bonnie Borenstein