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Panel for the Investigation of Research Misconduct

Extract from the Regulations Concerning Investigation of Research Misconduct:

6.1 There shall be a Committee on Research Misconduct (“the Committee”) for the investigation of allegations of Research Misconduct referred to it by the RIO.

6.2 Subject to section 6.2.1, the Committee shall consist of four (4) members of which:
  (i) one (1) member shall be appointed by the Dean;
  (ii) one (1) member shall be appointed by the Vice-Principal (Research and International Relations); and
  (iii) two (2) members with relevant knowledge and expertise shall be appointed by the Secretary-General from the panel established in accordance with section 6.8.

6.8.1 Vacancies on the panel shall be filled by the Principal, or designate, and the President of MAUT, or designate, jointly submitting to the Senate Nominating Committee a slate of names equal to at least one and one-half (1.5) the number of vacancies on the panel.
The Senate Nominating Committee shall reduce the slate to the number of vacancies on the panel and present it to Senate for approval.

Panel Membership (three-year terms ending May 31)

Professor Paul Clarke (Pharmacology and Therapeutics, MEDICINE) – 2016
Professor Catherine Potvin (Biology, SCIENCE) – 2016
Professor Masad Damha (Chemistry, SCIENCE) – 2016

Professor Tim Geary (Parasitology, FAES) – 2017
Professor Alejandro Rey (Chemical Engineering, ENGINEERING) – 2017
Professor Omar Toulan (MANAGEMENT) – 2017

Professor Alan Evans (Biomedical Engineering, MEDICINE) - 2018
Professor Claudia Mitchell (DISE, EDUCATION) - 2018
Professor Hope Weiler (Dietetics and Human Nutrition, FAES) - 2018


Secretary: Ms Bonnie Borenstein