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Joint Board-Senate Meeting

Joint Board-Senate Meeting (November 4, 2014)


Section of the Statutes of McGill University states:

"The Senate and Board of Governors shall hold an annual joint meeting in the Fall term. At this meeting, the Principal, the Provost, the Deputy Provost, and the vice-principals, as appropriate, shall present for discussion matters they consider relevant to the University’s mission for the ensuing year."

 Joint Board-Senate 2014

“Strengthening McGill's Engagement with the External Community through Research and Innovation”

The 2014 joint meeting of McGill’s Board of Governors and Senate will take place on Tuesday, November 4, at 4:00 p.m. in the Faculty Club’s Ballroom (3450 McTavish St). All Governors and Senators have been invited to participate in a discussion that will focus on strengthening McGill's engagement with the external community.

This joint meeting is held annually to consider areas of shared interest between our governing bodies, and offers an opportunity to engage, together, in considering some of the key issues and challenges affecting the University today.

We are looking forward to a dynamic session with engaged and informed participants.

Below are documents to help prepare for the meeting: