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Senate Subcommittee on Women

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Current Co-Chairs of Committee

Prof Sarah Turner

Prof Susan Gaskin (on sabbatical 2013-14).

This website has been established by members of the McGill Senate Subcommittee on Women as a resource site for women at McGill, both new arrivals and established faculty, staff and students.

SSCOW Information leaflet can be read or downloaded from here.

News, upcoming events, and announcements

- Photo campaign: feminist presence at Mcgill Faculty of Law. Plural and intersectional feminism!

- Ex-Australiam PM Julia Gillard’s misogyny speech has been turned into a song

     "I will not be lectured by sexism and misogyny by this man. Not now, not ever."


The first women students at McGill were nicknamed the ‘Donaldas’, in recognition of the businessman Donald Smith, Lord Strathcona, whose financial generosity made it possible, in 1884, to overcome the resistance of McGill administrators. In 1898, Lord Strathcona again contributed to the promotion of education for women. He was also the main donor for Royal Victoria College, which was at once a residence, a teaching institution and an intellectual centre for women at the university. [Thanks to McCord Museum for permission to reprint this photo]


For more on the mandate of SSCOW see ‘Senate Subcommittee on Women

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