Completed Projects

McGill is working to understand more about bees – why? Because these little interesting creatures are the key to sustaining our agriculture system, and simply put, we need them.
Help McGill University students show Indigenous youth in Canada that a post-secondary education is an attainable part of a high performance lifestyle by funding the 9th annual Eagle Spirit Camp.
Help the Jeux Du Commerce (JDC) McGill delegation increase its case training opportunities in order to compete at the largest Eastern Canadian Commerce Games in Quebec City in January, 2016.
The McGill SEDE Office wants to break down intergenerational barriers and share our seniors’ rich histories and life journeys with the world.
Together with the Elimu Community Library in Kenya, McGill students will establish an online tutoring program for Kirinyaga high school students. This program will allow both Kirinyaga and McGill students to gain exposure to new people and environments.
Help the Faculty of Science and Interfaculty of Arts & Science transform their dark and dreary Burnside Basement into a welcoming all-access space for students to study, relax, exchange ideas, and obtain essential resources.
McGill’s Martlet Soccer team needs your help! McGill’s athletes are some of the most competitive, dedicated and hard-working students out there. Help support the Martlet soccer team by funding their team building activities!
Despite our short summers, MSEG is extending the harvest season by building a high tunnel vegetable garden at the Mac Campus, providing more crops and a great learning experience!
With your partnership, the PSN team is ready and willing to continue their mission to care for students in need, and have upped their funding goal to meet the huge inpouring of support.
The Arts Health and Wellness Project is seeking to provide resources and support to students by educating them about mental and physical wellness through a series of stress-busting initiatives.
What started as a class project proposed by three McGill students has blossomed into a complete plan to help rebuild the business sector of Lac-Mégantic in partnership with local leaders.
Help the Faculty of Law reflect how truly unique it is by supporting the Faces of Change project, which aims to display the wide spectrum of accomplishments by more recent McGill Law grads.
Donate to support McGill students interning with this Health and Conservation centre and mobile clinic in Kibale National Park, Uganda.
Help the students working for MyVision at McGill expand our academic mentorship business (LIFE) and propel at-risk high school students towards excellence.
At Students in Mind 2014, attendees will be trained in essential self-care and peer support methods that will allow them to promote mental health and wellness.
Help the McGill Baja Racing Team raise the funds they need to attend both official SAE competitions during the 2015-2016 season. The collected funds will help mitigate the cost of competition, thus allowing the team to concentrate on their performance.