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Access Control


Area Access Managers

An Area Access Manager (or AAM) is a designated person within a department or faculty responsible for managing its card reader(s) by assigning and removing cardholder access to their areas and establishing and modifying card reader settings. AAMs receive specific training from Security Services.

General Access Protocol

AAM Contact List for Faculty Members, Staff and Students

To find out who the AAM is for the area you need access to, consult the full list (both campuses) by clicking here.

McGill ID Cards

Employees and students should carry identification cards at all times. Security Services personnel have the right to request the presentation of identification cards from anyone on University premises and may deny access to or require that any person unable to produce an identity card leave certain University premises.

  • For faculty and staff, visit the HR website for information on how to obtain a new or replacement McGill ID Card.
  • For students, visit the Student Records website for information on how to obtain a new or replacement McGill ID Card. Students taking courses from Continuing Studies students can obtain one here.
  • For temporary employees and visitors, (Downtown Campus) blank proximity cards (no photo) are available via your Area Access Manager.  For guidance on their employment, please refer to the Terms and Conditions of Use.
  • For Temporary employees and visitors, (Macdonald Campus) blank proximity cards are obtained at Laird Hall, Room 101 where Security Services will program their ID cards for access. A letter of Authorization from the department Chair will be required as well as a refundable $25 deposit fee.
  • McGill service providers working on long-term contracts or permanently assigned to McGill require a McGill Service Provider ID Card. Information on how to obtain a MSP ID Card can be found by clicking here.
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Medeco Keyway

High security lock and key system. Medeco keys can only be duplicated by locksmiths authorized by McGill. Medeco keys are requested through the Facilities Call Centre (FCC).

General Access Protocol

More Info 

Online Key request 

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Key Access to Roofs, Mechanical, Electrical, Elevator and Telecom Rooms

 Need key access to these areas? Please read the protocol and fill out the requisite form. 


Online Forms

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