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Night Route Map

McGill has suggested a “Night Route” which outlines the safest paths for crossing campus at night. It’s very important to know this designated route especially if you find yourself walking back to residence late at night. Click on the map below for a larger image. 

Please note that the Emergency phone located between Otto Maass and Pulp & Paper will be unavailable between now and August 31.   

 Your best bet is to walk with a friend or call McGill Walksafe at (514) 398-2498 (Downtown Campus only). McGill Walksafe is a student-run organization that provides a safe alternative to walking or taking public transportation alone at night. Students and community members are able to request an escort by calling 398-2498 or by stopping a Walksafe patrol team on the street. While not on escort, Walksafe patrol teams maintain a visible presence in the McGill community. All patrol teams are easily identified by their red jackets with McGill Walksafe on the back and the two-way radio they use for communication. For more details click on this icon 

What to do when Walksafe is not available? Call Security Services at 514-398-3000 (downtown). Security Services agents provide safety escorts within certain limits.