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Behaviours Requiring Intervention

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The Charter of Student Rights states that the University has an obligation to maintain safe and suitable conditions of learning and study and to ensure that adequate measures are taken to protect the security of students on University property (Articles 7 and 8, Chapter One, Handbook on Student Rights and Responsibilities).

In addition, Article 8 (a, b) of the Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures states that "No student shall on property owned or occupied by the University, or in a University context: Assault another person, threaten another person or persons with bodily harm or damage to such person's property or; Knowingly create a condition which unnecessarily endangers or threatens or undermines the health, safety, well-being, or dignity of another person or persons, threatens to cause humiliation or threatens the damage or destruction of property."

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Support is available to assist you in instances where you are concerned for the safety or well-being of yourself or a student.


Response to Violent, Threatening or Worrisome Behaviour

  • For immediate danger, contact 911 from any campus telephone; Security Services will automatically monitor the call. If you use a cell phone, please follow up by advising Security Services that you have called 911 (Downtown: 514-398-3000; Macdonald Campus: 514-398-7777).
  • To request intervention for behaviour that is disturbing and which is creating a threatening or uncomfortable situation, contact Security Services (Downtown: 514-398-3000; Macdonald Campus: 514-398-7777). An agent will come to the location to assess the situation and if necessary, accompany the student to another location. Procedures are in place for investigation, support and follow-up.

Articles 21 (a,b), 54.1(d), 68.1(f)78.1 (f) empower a Disciplinary Officers to exclude a student from campus or a residence, with or without a disciplinary interview, while the matter is being investigated or the situation remedied. Instructors have the power of exclusion of a student from the remainder of a class and the following class (Article 21(c)).

To request investigation of behaviour that, while not immediately of concern to safety, is disturbing or uncharacteristic, or undermining the well-being of others, contact the Office of the Dean of Students (514-398-4990 or deanofstudents [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Email)). Procedures are in place for investigation, support and follow-up.

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Experienced personnel are available to reach out to the student, with a confidential and respectful approach. Early support and intervention is always best.

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