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Report a Missing Person

We recommend that concerned individuals contact the police to report a missing person. When members of the McGill community have reason to believe that a McGill student is missing, they can also contact Security Services to report it.


We respect the rights to privacy of the members of the McGill community and will not release personal and privileged information to third parties.

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Report a Theft or Crime

If you have been the victim of or have witnessed a theft, crime or other incident in the downtown campus, dial 514-398-3000. To report a theft, crime or other incident at the Macdonald campus, dial 514-398-7777.


Report a Theft or Crime Online with the SPVM (Montreal Police). Click on the icon:

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McGill Security Services, in collaboration with the McGill community, security experts and University partners, has developed protocols to assist students, staff and faculty members deal with the possibility of hostile individuals causing harm to others in the community. Follow the links below for more information.

The Student Behaviours Requiring Intervention Protocol was developed to help the McGill community report violent, threatening and worrisome behaviours. Click here for more information.
Click here for more information about the McGill Active Shooter Emergency Protocol, which was devised in consultation with security experts for the protection of McGill students, faculty, staff and visitors.
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