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Hot Line

An anonymous voice box has been set up to receive Tips from the McGill Community. Any information that could help solve or prevent a crime should be left on the voice box. We want information not your name.

  • Montreal Emergency Number: 911
  • Police Station #20: 514 280-0120
  • Police Station #38: 514 280-0138
  • Police Station #01: 514 280-0101
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Emergency Telephones

We have a network of twenty exterior emergency phones that covers the campus. These phones are located outside buildings, along walkways and in structures at various locations where they are most visible. The yellow box type phones are equipped with a blue light that is lit at night for easy reference. To use an emergency phone, simply press the red button and wait until you are connected to Security Services. A mobile patrol will be dispatched to your location to provide assistance if required. 

***Please note that you can now file a report online with the Montreal Police (SPVM). To report online click on the icon:

There are emergency phones located just inside the main entrance of almost all major McGill buildings. Furthermore, every elevator on campus has an emergency phone that is connected directly to Security Services.
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Public telephones

All public payphones on campus can be used to reach us at no charge by dialing 398-3000. They are also connected to the 911 system at no charge. If you call 911, please place a follow-up call to Security Services. It is important that we be aware of any emergency. Certain areas of the campus are difficult to find and avoiding a delay in life threatening situations is crucial. We will provide a prompt response and an escort to the emergency services responding to your call.

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