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Protect your computer and data

Protect your hardware, software and data

Valuable property of any type is an attractive target for thieves. Increasingly popular items are computer equipment. Take preventative action to protect these items.

  • Physically secure computers, laptops and components to the desk or floor.
  • Keep an accurate inventory of all valuable equipment including their serial numbers.
  • Ensure that the Department of Purchasing has a duplicate copy of your inventory.
  • Always maintain up-to-date backup copies of your data. This protects you not only against theft, but also against fire or other catastrophe.
  • Regularly change your password. Use a password of at least 6 characters, which is not related to anything personal ie. your birth date. Use a combination of characters, numbers and letters.
  • Regularly visit your operating system's web site, and install any updates to your software, especially if labelled critical to the security of your system.
  • Install a firewall.
  • Install and regularly update an anti-virus program. Never send or receive e-mail without an up-to-date anti-virus program enabled on your system. Do regular system scans to check for viruses.
  • Do not automatically open e-mail attachments. Only open attachments previously arranged and expected. Always check with the sender, before opening an unscheduled attachment. Never open an attachment from someone you do not know. If possible, send text and receive text messages, which are risk free (such as with Eudora or Pegasus mail clients).
  • For $20.00, you can prevent the theft of your laptop and valuable research. Students who wish to register their laptops with STOP should contact randy [dot] westman [at] mcgill [dot] ca. We urge you to drop in the Laird Hall Building at Macdonald Campus, (Room 101), Monday and Wednesday, between 11h00 and 12h00. Contact us at 514-398-7770